Ok, well, I sort of finished my reading list for 2010.  I read everything on my “must read” except one book and that was “Servant of the Bones” by Anne Rice.  I tried repeatedly to read this book.  I took it up 3 times and each time could not get past the 3rd chapter.  I usually will do this only 2 times.  If I can’t get into a book, I will put it down and then revisit it in a month.  If I can’t get into it, I put it down, never to read it again (except for Twilight, which, sorry to my readers who are fans, I picked up once, and the experience was so excruciating that I refused to pick it up again).  Anyhow, I could not get into the story of Servant of the Bones, so I have decided to give up on it.  Other than that, I have read everything and even added a few more.

My 2 favourites on my list this year were:

The Blythes Are Quoted ~ I am a huge L.M. Montgomery fan, especially her Anne Shirley Blythe character, so it was really nice to read a little more about Anne and Gilbert.  I liked how the stories were broken up before WWI and afterward.  You could feel the change in Anne after she lost her son, Walter, in the Great War.  The book is a series of short stories, with poetry in between and Anne and Gilbert and the family reflecting on the poetry.

Paths of Glory ~ This book is about mountaineer George Mallory, who actually might have been the first man to conquer Everest.  Mallory’s body was found in 1999, 75 years after he perished on his quest to scale the mountain, at around 27,000 ft.  He and his climbing partner were last spotted on June 9, 1924, approximately 200 metres from the summit.  They were never seen again.  The book is more about Mallory’s life and is not completely accurate, but it leaves you wondering if he actually did reach the summit.  You’ll have to decide that for yourself if you read the book.  It left me wanting to see the IMAX film “The Wildest Dream”.

 I am now in the process of developing a list for 2011. I would love to hear your recommendations…I will read almost any genre, except those involving teen angst and vampires together, LOL!  Other vampire novels are a definite yes.   So, what should I read next year?


3 responses to “I FINISHED!!

  1. livinglargereader

    I read one book that was 900 pages long and I would have never given it a chance because I kept waiting for it to get better. When I hit the 300 page mark I figured I’d better finish it because I’d invested all that time reading the 300 pages. I won’t be reading any of that author’s books again.

    I want to get that book about Anne and Gilbert!

    • It was a great book…just know that the parts about Anne and her family are small little exerpts…they are mentioned in the short stories in the books, but it’s not totally about them like the previous 8 in the series.

  2. I’m re-reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon set in England and Scotland. They’re romance/adventure/and historical fiction – all tossed together.

    I’ll have to check out the L.M. Montgomery book. I’ve read most of her books, but I haven’t read the one you mentioned.

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