Found Money…


Don’t you just love it?  It doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it’s fantastic.  Especially if it’s a nice chunk of change.

It happened to us today.

I was at work and the phone rang…I looked at the display and saw that it was my real estate lawyers office calling.  Our final package for the house sale was ready and could I come pick it up sometime in the next few days?  Sure, I can do that, I have to go that way tomorrow.  By the way, the law clerk said, I have a cheque for $236.00 for you to pick up as well.  I have held back $100 more to cover some condo corporation fees, but once that has been taken care of, there will probably be another cheque for you.

Apparently, we paid a little too much on our closing costs. 

How cool is that?

We can use this money for the program we’re sending Austan and Allen to next month.  It’s an amazing program, and you can read about it at Kids 4 Kids.  Allen went last year and it did great things for his behaviour, his sense of self worth, his leadership skills…so this year we decided to send both the 10 year olds.   We’ll use the money that we were starting to save for that, for Christmas, most likely.

How do you spend found money?


One response to “Found Money…

  1. I try to “spread” the love with my accounts unless I’m in the red that month. If so, it goes to all savings and debt repayment. If not, some goes into savings, other’s goes to a nice treat for myself.

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