Won’t get the Blogger of the Year award any time soon…

I haven’t been in much of a mood to write lately, Amy is sporadic at best because she’s generally too busy to breathe.   While dinner is in the oven, I thought I would sit down and catch you all up on life here.

School started back on Tuesday.  Lots of forms to fill out and lots of money to shell out too!  All 4 kids came home with letters stating they each needed a $25.00 activity fee by Friday.  Good thing payday was Thursday!   So out came the chequebook and there went $100 out of the savings account.  I expected about $10 each, to cover the agenda that they get, but not $25.  At least we know what to expect next year.  It covers the agenda, plus a whole lot of other things that they do throughout the year.  It’s good to find out that they do two night-time concerts during the school year.  I remember doing those as a kid and I loved them.  Our new principal is very musically inclined (among her instruments are the harp and the piano) and she writes and directs a musical every year.  The kids seemed to have settled in nicely.  Allen had a bit of a time adjusting, but seemed to have found some friends by the end of the week.  Once they get all the housekeeping stuff done, they are going to start up his gifted program and I think things will be a lot better.

I am working on our goals for the next few months.  I still need to update those sidebars.  I know I want a debt-repayment bar, and a couple of goals too.  We desperately want some new swanky front load washer and dryers, so we have to start a fund for that.  We also want a new puppy.  We miss our Daisy so much, and it’s time for another dog, we think.    A new dog is expensive and we have to think of vet bills and such.  We won’t be able to afford one until the spring, or maybe even next fall, if then.  The new dog and the washer/dryer set are going to have to take a back seat due to a small set back.

We started our basement reno the last week of August.  Slowly but surely we are getting 2 bedrooms in the basement built.  We wanted to do the whole basement, but we underestimated our expenses for the new house and we’ve run out of money to do the whole thing.  So, we have to put the washer/dryer and new puppy on hold until we finish this basement reno.  We are saving a ton, because Shane is doing it himself (with help from Evan and a little bit of help from Austan), but we’re still around $3000.00 short to finish it.  We are refusing to put it on credit, so the laundry room and the 3rd bedroom  down there are on hold.  Here’s a few pics of our men at work:

Where Evan's room is going


1″ foam going in

Sub floor and studs going up

Drywall going in

Our master builder!

Evan is now an expert on the compound mitre saw

That’s about it!  I am hoping that I will start doing Menu Plan Monday’s again…so maybe there will be another post tomorrow.  Have a great Sunday evening everyone!


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