Back to life, back to reality…

 We’re home from the cottage, have been for about 3 days, and already back into the daily grind.  Well, it’s not completely true, Shane is still on holidays.  It’s a working holiday…he’s building a couple of rooms in the basement.  We were hoping to do the whole thing, but moving, and all the little expenses that cropped up here and there, seriously ate into our budget.  So, for now, he’s building the 2 of the 3 bedrooms only.  We’ll probably finish it all in the spring, when we can save up the other half of the cash to buy the materials. 

Muskoka, as usual, was wonderful.  I love being up there, it’s so peaceful and beautiful.  Amy and I have decided, that instead of the bigger house, that one day we would rather own some property up there.  Yes, it’s a big dream, but I think we can accomplish it!  It’s going to take a number of years, but I think it’s a great goal to have. 

There was a downer to the vacation though, Amy’s $500 camera was stolen.  We were in North Bay and stopped at McDonald’s for a snack and to play at the Play Place.  It was in our diaper bag, and the whole diaper bag was stolen (who the heck steals a diaper bag??).  There were 2 cameras in there, one was just a small point and shoot.  Thankfully, most of our pictures we uploaded (or is it downloaded?) to the laptop the day before.  Unfortunately, the pictures of Meri’s first campfire were gone with the camera.  Shane had another camera in his briefcase back at the cottage, so we didn’t miss photographs of the rest of the trip.  

We have a busy weekend planned so far. My boys are off to their dads, I have a work party on Friday afternoon, and Saturday, Amy and I are going to take Austan and the girls out to the zoo and the splash pad there.  Shane will continue to work on the basement with Evan (he’s coming home, YAY!).  I am also working on some new goals for our side tickers that are in desperate need of updating, so look for a post in a few days regarding that.  School starts soon, so there’s probably going to be a post (or two) about that. 

I’ll leave you with a few of our favourite shots: 

Austan and Charlotte at the fire


Austan jumps off the dock


The whole gang

Aaron and Mum with their creation (I look terrible…I wasn’t feeling well at all that day)



3 responses to “Back to life, back to reality…

  1. So sorry to hear about the diaper bag & camera loss 😦 What kind of person does that to a family?!? But on the upside, love the photos you posted! Looks like you had a wonderful time together…beautiful memories in the making.


  2. Oh noes. I hope the cameras didn’t cost too much. How horrible. I’m glad not all photos were lost though.

  3. Some people! That’s so terrible! Lucky you had a third camera with you. Glad you had a good vacation, always a good time in Muskoka.

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