Did you know about the new Ontario Sales Tax Credit?

Sometime in June, I was using the Canada Revenue Agencies calculator for the GST credit.  After I plugged in my numbers, I had an amount come up for my GST Credit AND an amount come up for another tax credit for Ontario Residents:  The Ontario Sales Tax Credit.  I remember saying to myself that I should blog about this…and then I promptly forgot! 

I had no idea that there was another sales tax credit in the works for Ontarians other than the HST credits we received/will receive in the next year.  Unlike the HST credit cheques, not everyone who files a return will get one.  Also, I don’t think it is a one time thing…I think these will be on-going in future years.  It’s like the GST credit  in that the OTSC will be based on your family income.  Cheques will be sent out August 10th, November 10th, February 10th and May 10th.    I am assuming that if you don’t get a GST cheque, you probably won’t get a OTSC cheque either.   Nice surprise, even if it’s only a little bit of money.  We’ll probably use ours to have a family outing while we’re on holidays in a few weeks.

Are you getting the OTSC?


4 responses to “Did you know about the new Ontario Sales Tax Credit?

  1. Hmm… I had no idea about this! Crossing my fingers that the gvmt shows me some love!! 😉

  2. I’m confused… So this is an additional payment ontop of the GST payments AND the HST payment? Is it families only?

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