Reworking the jars again…

We’ve had to look at our jar money again this week due to our relocation. One thing that happened with moving is that both Shane and I are further away from our workplaces, therefore, there’s more gas and wear on tear on both our cars.  A few months ago, we had to increase the amount we were spending for groceries.  We’ve had a couple of birthdays as well, so the allowance jar has increased too.  Our new variable expenses for the family is a whopping $455 a week.  Here’s how it breaks down:

Groceries ~ $300 ~ We decided, even though Evan was not living with us for the summer, that we would keep the food budget at $300.  We thought about dropping it back to $250, however we figured extra money from that jar could go towards our basement reno.

Transportation ~ $100 ~ this is up from $50 a week.  Both Shane and I are now about 10 km more, each, from work.  With the HST coming in, gas is also more expensive, up to around $1.03 per litre today in the GTA.

Clothing and Gifts ~ $10.00 ~ no change

Entertainment ~ $5.00 ~ no change

Allowances ~ $25.00 ~ This went up $1.50…3 kids have had birthdays…1 year older equals a 50 cent raise.

Everything Else ~ $16.00 ~ We dropped this from $16.50, just to make the jars even.

If you have watched Til Debt Do Us Part you know that along with Gail’s jar system, she has couples complete a Budget Binder, where they write everything down that they purchased.  We have never done that, so we decided we would start.  We’re hoping that this will help track more closely and help us to learn how we can spend more wisely.

I am hoping that we won’t have to rework the jars again for at least 6 months!  Wish us luck!


2 responses to “Reworking the jars again…

  1. Honestly I don’t think the jars are THAT whopping considering the number of people who tap into them. Good for you for adjusting them to make things work better for your home. Hope the budget binder works for you. I have such trouble keeping it up.

  2. I’m always amazed at what your family does with the money you have allotted every week. 455.00/week doesn’t really seem to be a ton of money for how many people in your household.

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