June Report Card

Time to go over my June Goals and see how I did for the month…I think I stuck to about half of my goals.

Fitness and Weight Loss Goals

1. Follow the Weight Watchers Point System ~ Not successful for the whole month.  We moved on June 26th and from that day until this week, I didn’t follow the system.  We had no menu made up and we ate take out a lot more.  So I will give myself a minor pass on that one.

2. Weigh-in once weekly ~ Yes, I stuck with this for the whole month!  YAY!   On my last Friday Weigh in (July 2), I was 195.5, which means that I actually lost 3 pounds from June 4th.  Not too bad considering I ate badly for the last week of June.  I had a loose goal to lose 5 pounds in June, and I did this…going from 202 to 195.5. 

3. Reach 1200 fitness minutes ~ Fail ~ I stopped keeping track 😦

4. Do the 30-Day-Shred every day in June except for moving weekend~ FAIL ~ I did about 14 days in June.  I got busy packing and I was WAY too tired.  No excuse, I should have pushed through.

Financial Goals 

1.  Finish saving for our summer vacation at the cottage.   ~ FAIL ~ we needed a few things for the house, so we used some of our vacation money.  Thankfully we’ll have it paid back by the end of July

2. Do not buy lunch at work at all…no snacks either…I am also going to include coffee in this.  ~ Giving myself a Pass on this one.  One of my co-workers unexpectedly resigned, so we took her out for lunch.  Other than that, I resisted!  I purchased a coffee once too.  Not perfect, but still a pass

Other Personal Goals

1. I want to blog a bit more this month 12 to 15 blog posts in June.  ~ PASS…I had 12 blog posts in June

2.  Finish Anne Rice’s “The Witching Hour”. ~ FAIL ~ I got through only half of it.  I should finish it before the end of July

3. Get out to at least one scrapbook crop this month and complete 4 pages. ~ PASS…Amy and I got out to a Friday night crop at the local scrapbook store at the beginning of the month.  I did 6 or 8 pages that night.

4. Spend more time with Amy ~ PASS ~ Most of it was spent packing and moving and shopping for the new house, but it WAS time together.

So, there you have it.  Not the best month.  I haven’t even thought about July goals.  We’re still unpacking and still settling in.  I am going to give myself a break on this month.


One response to “June Report Card

  1. the Witching Hour is one of my favorite books! Good luck with your goals 🙂

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