So proud!

We give our kids a regular allowance.  Once a week, from the time they are 4 years old, they receive half their age in allowance.  For instance, Aaron, age 5, gets an allowance of $2.50 per week.  Andrew, age 6, gets an allowance of $3.00 per week.  Of that, they must put half into a piggy bank for saving for education and the other half goes into their wallets for them to spend how they choose.  If they want something they have to save the allowance that they are allowed to spend.

For the last 8 or 10 weeks, Aaron has been going on and on and on about getting a new “Woody” doll.  They keep seeing the Toy Story 3 trailers and toy advertisements and they cannot wait to see this new movie.  In turn, Andrew decided that he wanted his very own Buzz Lightyear.  I told them that they had to wait for Christmas or they could save up their allowance and buy it themselves.

That was enough for Aaron, he was bound and determined to get this doll.  We knew he would need at least $40 to get the one he one wanted.  Well, today, I was looking on the Toys R Us website and saw that both Buzz and Woody were on sale for $24.95.  Toy Story 3 came out Friday and they’ve been talking about NOTHING else.  Out came the wallets…both boys had saved enough to each get the toy they wanted!  Aaron had $33.25 and Andrew had $29.25.

Off we trotted to TRU and both boys were so proud to plunk down their cash to purchase the items.  The only thing that I got upset about is that the woman at the cash got a little mouthy with me about the Loonies and Toonies that they used to pay.  She said “This is no good, can’t pay like this”.  I told her that their money was legal tender and that they worked hard to save all this by themselves.  She took the money, but remained nonplussed about the whole thing.

Needless to say, I am as proud as they are!  You can think about how long this took them to save.  Aaron only just recently got a raise in his allowance, so it was a lot of weeks of $1.00 going into that wallet.

Look at how happy they are:

Look what we got with our OWN MONEY!!!


11 responses to “So proud!

  1. Lisa Groombridge

    You are teaching your kids an awesome life lesson… way to go… you should be proud of them.

  2. Haha aww that is too cute! Great teaching abotu saving when they are young!

  3. YAH Andrew and Aaron. Shame on that woman for not wanting to take what they were giving her. Money is Money it all spends the same!! Great lesson on teaching them how to earn what they want. GOOD JOB BOYS and PARENTS!! WOOHOO!!

  4. What a great way to teach them fiscal responsibility! I wish we could do this, but we have 5 kids, and we just can’t afford that right now.

    I do have one question: what are “Loonies and Toonies”????

    • Loonie is a $1 coin here in Canada. It was called that because it had a loon on one side of the coin (the other is Queen Elizabeth II). When $2 coins came out a few years later, people just started calling it a toonie. They don’t make $1 or $2 paper money in Canada anymore.

      We have 7 kids…and trust me, we totally understand not being able to afford it. We only reinstated allowance last October. The general rule of thumb is usually $1 per year, but we can’t afford that…right now allowances cost us $24.50 per week (the almost 17-year-old gets $10 a week) and that’s part of our variable expenses of $406 a week. If we went with the rule of thumb it would cost us almost $50, maybe one day, once all our debt is paid off.

  5. Judi, that is awesome! I am so proud of them, what a great lesson to teach them to put off the gratification of candy or other junk to save up to buy what they wanted!
    As for the cashier, she is lazy and did not want to count the change at the end of her shift – too bad, as you said it is legal tender!

  6. What an amazing story and a true testament to the upbringing you three are providing for your children. You should be very proud of them! And if it was an adult standing there counting out loonies and toonies, the cashier would’ve been thrilled to get the change – so you shoulda politely told the cashier to stuff it!!!

    I’m sure you remember going into a store with pennies…. loonies and toonies are a lot easier to count and for the cashier to give back out.

  7. Big cowboy hats off to the boys for saving for what they wanted. Look how proud they are in the picture! I have a Woody doll myself (from Toy Story 1 days) and I wouldn’t part with it. I love the guy!

    Sorry to hear the teller was scrappy over the coins. I would hope that almost any teller that saw a child hand over money like that would “get” that they saved that up over a long period of time, or did lots of little chores in order to get it.

    I often hand tellers lots of coin out of my grocery envelope at the end of a month. They wanna say something to me!

    Thanks for an inspiring read.

  8. Good for them!!! 🙂 Look at them beaming!! that’s just awesome! Next time you go to TRU you should bring bags and bags of pennies and go to the same cashier!!! 😛 lmao!!!

  9. That’s awesome! I remember my sister and I saving up for dolls we wanted and paying with our dollar bills. My sister used to wrinkle hers up into little balls, which she piled onto the counter to buy hers…I remember my mom being embarrassed. Anyway, I still remember my first big purchase and I’m sure your kids will too!

  10. good for you for sticking up for the boys! My hubby would have said ok and pulled out his card.
    I on the other hand would have said okay and left, only to return with pennies instead of “loonies and toonies” 🙂
    I am so excited for your little men! I know how excited I get when I finally can buy something I am saving for. YAY for them!!
    And BTW – I LOVE your allowance system. I think I’m going to talk to hubby about doing that for our son. We’ve been talking about doing it but we weren’t sure how much to give him.

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