Busy, busy week ahead

I am officially on vacation now…I have 7 glorious days off work, then I go back for a day, then off for Canada Day, then work…so in 2 weeks I will only work 2 days.

Unfortunately, it’s not a leisurely vacation…we still have the majority of packing to do for our move next Saturday.  This week will be full of things to do.  So far, here’s our schedule:

Saturday ~ picking up some furniture from Shane’s uncles house, packing

Sunday ~ Father’s Day ~out in the morning for brunch at one of our favourite places The Muddy Duck (my boys will be with their dad), farmer’s market, pick up the boys and have a lovely steak dinner in honour of Shane

Monday ~ Off to the lawyers to sign my will, more packing.

Tuesday ~ Just packing, so far

Wednesday ~ what else? packing

Thursday ~ Meeting at the new school with our current principal, the new principal, the itinerant teacher, me, and Amy.  Pick up the keys for the new house between 2 and 5!!

Friday ~ more packing…Shane will be at the house for the cable guy and the appliance delivery, my step-monster is going to go and help Shane clean.

Saturday ~ the big move…people are coming out of the woodwork to help us load up…we are very blessed to have some great friends and family to count on.  We can pick up the truck at 7 am…then I will drop the girls at Shane’s mum’s and the 2 litttlest boys at their dad’s house.  Austan and Allen get to stay and help load!  We told them that they were ‘big enough and ulgy enough’ to help now that they’re almost 10.

We’re hoping everything goes to plan.  As yet, we still don’t know our closing costs.  Apparently the builder’s lawyer hasn’t sent our lawyer all the particulars!!  So, somewhere in all that, we’ll be going to the lawyer to sign everything.  I am getting a little frustrated about that…we should have known our closing costs by now and have a meeting with our lawyer set.  Our lawyer is frustrated too.  We have the money in the bank, but it would still be nice to know how much of that we have to give over when we sign.

So, if you don’t hear from us, you’ll know where we are!


5 responses to “Busy, busy week ahead

  1. Oh that IS a very busy week but such an exciting one. New school. New home. New start. and holidays!!

    I am so glad you have all sorts of folk coming out to help you move. It makes it go sooo much faster.

    • Thankfully, we’ll be able to take them to their old school for the last 2 days. They’ll start at the new school in September. Being proactive with Andrew’s ASD diagnosis so that he has a very smooth transition to his new school and new TA (he calls them his ‘special helpers’).

      We’re very blessed to have wonderful friends

  2. When you spend your first night in your new house, all your hard work will be worth it!

  3. Good luck with the big move!

  4. Sounds like you will be busy for the next couple of weeks! Will be soo worth it in the end though!

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