The Dreaded Dental Appointment

Going to the dentist always makes me think of this piece of Bill Cosby’s comedy routine.  I went to the dentist today…I haven’t been since 2006!!  Life got in the way, stopped taking care of myself and along with that I didn’t really take care of my dental health. Needless to say I was dreading the appointment and those sharp metal claw like things the hygienist uses to scale the teeth.  It hurt like the dickens!!  I was surprised though, both the hygienist and the dentist said that my gums were fine, that I had no cavities to speak of and my mouth didn’t look that bad, considering.   My dentist was very happy to see me too, lol…I have been going to him since I was 3.

Thank goodness I have dental insurance though…there have been 4 dental appointments in our house in the last week.  The pediatric dentist submits the claim and has me pay him, then I get a cheque in the mail a few days later.  My own dentist bills the insurance and the insurance company sends him a cheque.  So today’s appointment cost me nothing out-of-pocket as regular checkups and x-rays are 100% covered.  I am very thankful for those dental benefits!!  It’s not quite 100% at the pediatric dentist…he’s a specialist so he charges a bit more than the general practitioner’s fee guide.  He’s great with the kids though, especially Andrew with his special needs, so it’s a small price to pay.

Do you have dental benefits?  Are they part of your work benefits or do you pay extra?  For those of you who don’t have benefits, do you save up for dental, vision, etc?  Can you claim those expenses on income tax (I have always had benefits, so I don’t know about the taxes)?  Enquiring minds want to know.


3 responses to “The Dreaded Dental Appointment

  1. My youngest is covered for dental and prescriptions and limited optometry. My eldest and myself aren’t covered for anything – although my eldest gets free eye exams as a diabetic.

    I know when the appointments are (’cause I make ’em) so I know when to budget extra money for that. Although I’m forty-something, and I find that my eyesight is taking a nosedive. I’ve had new glasses every year. Not because I fancy a new style of frames, only because I can’t see!

    You can claim medical expenses on your tax return, and it’s only beneficial when your expenses exceed a certain percentage of your income (I think). Folks who are interested may want to inquire further with the CRA. Medical expenses can include trips to specialists, parking, etc.

  2. I don’t have insurance. My parents paid for braces for me with no insurance. I am so thankful to them for doing that for me!!

    I now pay for my own dental. I went last week for a checkup and because they had to do x-rays it came to $217. Blahhhh! I know when the appointments are and budget for them.

    You can claim them on your taxes, but like MCMIT said, you don’t get anything back unless it reaches a certain amount of your income. I put the claims on anyway. I also try to spread out my appointments to be once every 9 months (minimum) instead of the recommended 6 months. I haven’t had a cavity in a long time and take good care of my teeth so it’s not necessary.

    I wish dental was covered! Funny video of Bill Cosby, so true!!

  3. I have dental through work. It’s limited though and there’s a deductible. Which sucks… because I generally have good teeth. And the deductible is basically my twice-a-year visit.

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