Did you miss us??

by Judi

We’re back!!  At least I am anyway (Amy, as you know, posts sporadically).  May has been a super hard month for me emotionally.  It is never a good month, what with Mother’s Day and what was my mum’s birthday (May 19th), but combine that with some other things and I felt like I was in a downward spiral of negative emotion.  So, when that happens, I don’t like to write.  Hopefully we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming now that I am feeling a bit better.

We had our garage sale over the weekend and I have to say we did fairly well!  Our final total was $269.62.  Our original goal was enough to buy a two-four of beer and pizza for those who are helping with our move next month.  We obviously surpassed that and actually have enough to rent our truck for the move!  I am very pleased.

After the sale we put out all the leftovers to the curb and posted to freecycle.  As we were doing that, our neighbours down the street came by and asked us if they could take it for their charity.  They help an organization who helps battered women and their families.  We were very happy that the rest of the stuff (which included a couple of bikes, clothing, an exersaucer, etc.), went to people who really need it.  This morning, we loaded the rest up into the van and took it to the Value Village donation centre.  It feels SO good to purge and be rid of a bunch of clutter.  Packing will be so much easier next month.

Has anyone been enjoying the glorious weather??  We certainly have.  The last 2 days have been spectacular.  I think Victoria Day weekend is my favourite long weekend of the year.  The kids are loving it and have been out on the trampoline and running around in the backyard.  I got a little too much sun yesterday and got a burn on my arms and the back of my neck.  I forgot the sunscreen, tsk tsk.  We fired up the bbq and we grilled dogs and burgs yesterday.  Today is seasoned pork chops, baked potatoes and grilled veggies (portabella mushrooms, peppers, zucchini and the like).

Our grillmaster

One piece of great news…I have lost enough weight to lose a size!!  The unfortunate part of that is that all my pants are baggy and look like crap on me, lol.  So, Amy and I went shopping today at the mall.  Yep, Square One was open for business!  I still feel incredibly guilty about my purchases.  Amy says I shouldn’t…it’s not like I didn’t need the clothes, but I still have a hard time spending money on myself.  I think we did fairly well.  I got 3 new pairs of pants and 3 blouses for $120.  The pants were a size 16 (down from an 18) and the tops were a 1x (down from a 2x).  I actually found blouses that fit.  I am fairly large up top, if you know what I mean, and blouses usually don’t fit right at all and are tight around the chest.  I don’t seem to have a problem with that anymore!  I can mix and match the tops with the pants and some of my existing wardrobe that still fits.  I have enough to wear for the summer.  I am hoping that by the end of the summer I will be into a size 14 and then a size 12 by Christmas.  Those are fairly conservative goals, don’t you think?  Eventually, I would like to be a size 10, but I will be happy with a size 12. 

Tonight is the finals of Dancing With the Stars…I love this show.  I think the Mirror Ball Trophy will be awared to either Evan Lysacek or Nicole Scherzinger.  I would like to see Nicole and her partner Derek Hough win, only because they have been the most consistent, and time and time again the judges have said she’s the best celebrity dancer they’ve ever had on the show.  Not to mention the fact that, of all the male dancers, Derek is the one I would most want a dance lesson (or two) with! 

So…what’s everyone else been up to this wonderful holiday weekend??


2 responses to “Did you miss us??

  1. You should check out Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Judi. They have clearance racks that you can get clothes for a steal! I got 5 pairs of pants there for 56 dollars this week, including tax – they had them marked down then 50% off of that. The most expensive thing I purchased was 20 bucks for a pair or capris for my sister – who I hope doesn’t read this! 🙂 Each store has their own variety of stuff, but that’s where I do a lot of Christmas and birthday shopping – you never know what you’ll find, and the deals are really great. Their clothes fit well, and wash and dry even better – especially for someone like me that refuses to iron, and a busy mom like you that I’m sure doesn’t have the time! I think they’re also having a 20% off sale this week, June 1 from 5-11 pm. They host these quite a bit as well, and that discount is taken off the ticketed price – so sometimes it’s a double sale!

    You look great, and you should be very proud of the progress you have made so far. Thank you for all your support the past few weeks – it means more than you will ever know. Thank you Avondale Bowl for bringing such great people into my life, and facebook for reacquainting us!

  2. That’s fantastic! I know the pain of everything being too big. On a side note, you can always get things altered too if it’s only a size down. I find that helps when I’m losing weight and “transitioning.”

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