The Battle of Mt. Washmore

Wow, it’s been awhile huh? Yup, it’s the other mom, the other half of the ‘oh so fabulous’ duo. I don’t generally have time to write, ( as I sit here, NOT making lunch for any of these starving children) or at least I usually feel like I have nothing interesting to say. You moms out there know exactly what I do all day long. Who wants to hear about dirty diapers, tantrums, and endless loads of laundry? Right?

 Ok, I have a stupid question to ask…do any of you know how much laundry a family of ten produces? Do you? Well I can tell you this much..most of the time the growing monster of a pile at the bottom of my basement stairs is as tall as I am. (I’m 5’4, unless I’m yelling at a child, and then I’m 7ft and have fangs. Just ask them.) Add to that, we have a child who has some issues with night-time and emptying his bladder. He can’t wear underjams or any of those kinds of things. We get him up to go before we go to bed.  I’d say about 80% of the time, it doesn’t help.  Also, the others who are not night-time trained ( yet) sometimes have leaks. So before I even start on the regular laundry, sometimes I have two loads of sheets, etc to do first. Occasionally I get lazy and only do 2 or 3 loads for few days. When that happens, the monster gets fruitful and multiplies into 2 or 3 piles.

Well today, for the first time in a looong time, I raise my fist and yell ‘ YES! I did it! I conquered the monster! May he be banished forevermore!’

HA. Well, until tomorrow, anyway.  Yeah, I know. Small victories amuse small minds, or something to that effect. Ok, I’m about to get my arm gnawed off if I don’t feed them soon…


3 responses to “The Battle of Mt. Washmore

  1. Congratulations!!! Conquring the monster is a huge achievement! We are a family of 3, and yet we produce enough laundry to do 4-5 max sized loads a week! (Mostly due to work clothes), I always feel so great when it is done, and then when that first piece of laundry goes in the bin, I feel somewhat defeated! Here is to no dirty laundry tonight!

  2. I can only imagine what a family of 10 produces in laundry. I’m the same height as you and we can make a mountain of clothes as tall as me in 2 days (and it’s only 2 adults and 1 toddler in this household)

    Good for you for conquering the laundry beast. Some days it is the little things that make you proud. Sort of like “Yes! I sorted the mail and now that one corner of the dining room table is clean” 🙂

  3. I can totally relate to the additional laundry that accidents can produce. A long time ago, one of my kids had similar issues. I’d say 5 nights out of seven there was sheet and mattress pad washing, and jammies, etc. This on top of the regular family laundry.

    Add to that the big family in your house, and I’ll bet you keep Tide in business! (Or whatever soap you use).

    Like you, I love that feeling when everything in the house is washed and dried and put away. It’s like a frozen moment in time, only lasts for an instant, when there’s no laundry. Who knew a family of 10 could even accomplish that! Congrats!

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