Super Saturday…

What a great and busy day!  We got up this morning and Amy and I went out to do our weekly grocery shop.  We got almost everything we needed and spent about $175 of our $300 budget.  We spent another $15 at the Bulk Barn and we have about another $10 to spend tomorrow for a few things that we forgot.  So after tomorrow we’ll have about $100 left in the food budget for the week.  Monday we’ll spend another $20 on panzerotti at San Francesco’s for Aaron’s birthday dinner.  We decided the grown ups are going to try out some homemade Portobello Mushroom pizzas.  Will let you know how they turn out.

After groceries we trotted off to the Brick to pick out our appliances for the new place.  What fun!  We got everything we wanted in appliances.  Our house came with 5 free appliances (as well as $3000 in upgrades at the design studio and one full year free of Rogers Cable, phone and internet).  Since we already have a perfectly good washer and dryer, we asked if we could apply the builder credit to upgrading our fridge and stove instead of taking the free washer and dryer.  Yep, that was definitely possible!  YAY!!  We got a 21 cubic foot black Fridgidare fridge and a black flat top stove with self-cleaning oven.  The dishwasher had been upgraded automatically because the model that they usually install in their houses was discontinued.  So after the credit for the washer and dryer and adding our upgrades (originally a regular coil burner stove and 18 c. foot fridge) we had to pay the Brick a whopping $46.85!!   We went in there expecting to pay at least $400 or $500 for what we wanted.  Walked out of the store feeling really happy with our purchases.  Another bonus is that the commercial salesperson also told us that she could get us great discounts on furniture at the store, over and above any sales.  We didn’t have to buy anything today, but she told us to keep her card and after we move in to call her if we need anything.   She said it was not a limited offer, that we can call her months after we move in.  I guess she works on commission too!!  Heck, I don’t care if we can get great deals on what we need.

After the store, Amy and I took Shane out for his birthday lunch.  We decided on Chili’s at Hwy 400 and 7 in Vaughn.  Oh my gosh, was it ever good!  Amy had the honey chipotle ribs with mashed potatoes and sautéed mushrooms, onion and green pepper.  I had the Quesadilla Explosion Salad and Shane had their club sandwich with Chicken Enchillada soup.  Everything was amazing.  They had good deals on the kids meals too…Charlotte had cheese quesadillas and corn on the cob.  We had a sampler platter for an appetizer with these Mexican style ‘egg rolls’, boneless buffalo wings and some other chicken thing.  All totalled with our drinks and tip we spent $80.  Not too bad for a 40th birthday lunch.

After dropping Shane and the girls home, Amy and I set out to the mall to look for Shane’s birthday present and pick up a few things at Children’s Place for Charlotte and Meri.  While in Sears buying Shane’s gift (won’t say just in case he’s reading…his birthday isn’t until tomorrow), we saw these really cute quilts for the girls new room.  They were $40 each.  Amy really wanted them and it was scratch and save at Sears today.  We’d get at least 25% with the s&s and Amy had a bit of money set aside (from what we saved on our appliances).  Got to the cash, scratched the card and got 60% percent off our purchase!!  WOO HOO!!!  That brought the quilts down to $16 each.  Not too shabby at all.

All in all we spent some money today, but it was a good savings day.  We even saved 25% on Shane’s birthday gift.  I love getting great deals on things that we need!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


4 responses to “Super Saturday…

  1. Happy 40th Shane!

    Sounds like you both had an awesome shopping trip!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Great deals!
    The appliances sound really good too, glad you were able to upgrade!!

  3. Isn’t it amazing to have a day of deals? Wow, good for you guys! Sounds like you had a super busy and really great day!

  4. Sounds like you had a great Saturday! What greal deals!

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