Bits and Bites…

We’ve been fairly busy the last few weeks.  Things were more hectic than usual at work since my supervisor was away and I was picking up things for him.  I learned to delegate really quick!  I haven’t had the time to blog too much.  We’re busy trying to find stuff for our garage sale in May and packing up stuff that we’ll probably not use in the next 8 weeks.  So this post is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. 

2010 Book List ~ I have read a measly 2 books on my list of 15 must reads for 2010!  That has to change.  I compiled a new page with the list and I will cross off the books as I go.  I am hoping to take advantage of the library within the next week or so. 

More Pictures of the House ~ Shane and Austan took Shane’s mum to see the house last weekend.  While they were there they took a few pictures of the cabinets and tiling.  We ended up having to go pick a different tile for our main bath last weekend.  The one we originally picked was discontinued.  Thankfully Amy and I picked something out in 5 minutes…we have similar tastes. 

Kitchen pantry ~ This came standard!!!



Tiles in Kitchen...they are also in our powder room and entry way

Master Bath ~ Bathtub

Shower in master bathroom

Interesting development on the house front!~  When we purchased the house back in September and signed the papers, there was an amendment in the back of the agreement about the proposed HST.  Since our house would be completed and delivered after July 1, 2010, it would be subject to the HST.  The builders worked this HST into the cost of the house so that we would not be hit with a huge bill after.  We got to thinking though…our house is now scheduled to be closed June 24, 2010.  We’re going to check with our lawyer, but we don’t think we should have to pay the HST now, only the GST because the house will be delivered before the tax comes into effect.  That would significantly reduce the amount of our mortgage and bring up the percentage of down payment. 

Working on May Goals  ~ I am working on goals for May, both personal and financial.  I am hoping that I can come up with some good ones.  Will post on the weekend 

Weekend Plans ~ We go on Saturday to purchase our appliances for the new house!  Everything is starting to come together and get so close.  Only about 8 weeks until closing.  The rest of the weekend will consist of continuing to purge and pack and sift through garage sale items. 

Birthdays!! ~ We have TWO birthdays coming up in the next few days.  Shane will turn 40 on Sunday and Aaron will turn 5 on Monday.  Aaron has already picked his birthday dinner:  Inside Out Pizza…aka Panzerotti.   Where has the time gone???

That’s about it!


3 responses to “Bits and Bites…

  1. wow. that’s excellent! that’s a whole 8% off just because you get it 6 days earlier. yay for you!

  2. Happy appliance shopping! What fun!

    I’ll be interested in what your lawyer says. I took a few HST seminars recently (for my work life), and from what I understand, I would suspect you shouldn’t have to pay the HST, but do carry on with that professional consultation! I’m just an armchair nobody 🙂

    The house pics look great!

  3. Hope you don’t have to pay the HST! Keep us updated with that. Have fun in the next 8 weeks, 2 months yay!

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