One person’s junk…

Is another person’s treasure.

It’s garage sale season again.  Pretty soon there are going to be signs popping up all over the place for various garage sales, yard sales and street sales.  People getting rid of stuff they don’t need and selling for a fraction of what they paid for it.

Amy and I love garage sales.  We usually go in pursuit of something specific. We have found some great deals on stuff that is usually outrageously priced at retail stores.  We won’t be going this year…we’re moving, the last thing we need is more stuff!

That being said, we are having a yard sale this year!  We are purging a ton of stuff that we don’t need or want anymore.   Once the day is over, we’ll be putting the rest of the stuff out at the curb and will post on Freecycle  for people to come and rummage.  After that, we’ll take whatever is left to the Goodwill or Salvation Army to donate.

Our goal for the day is to make enough money to buy pizza and beer for those who are going to come help us move.  As long as I make that, I will be happy.

Do you go out to garage sales?  Have you found anything really cool?  Have you had your own yard sale?  Any advice?


7 responses to “One person’s junk…

  1. When I bought my house 6 years ago, there was tons of “stuff ” left in it. I had a yard sale and made enough to buy a BBQ with the proceeds. ( Over 300.00 that day. When my sister moved and left me all of her “stuff”, I had another yard sale and made over 200.00 selling stuff. Today I put out an ugly picture than has been in the “toilet” room in the basement, when I was lugging out garbage a few minutes ago it was gone.

    My favorite yard sale finds were my silex hand mixer I bought 15 years ago at a yard sale and it still going strong, plus my coffee maker and vacuum sealer I bought 2 years ago at a yard sale. My coffee maker is at least 20 years old and makes the best coffee.

  2. My mom used to be an avid garage saler. My aunt still is. I never really caught the bug, to be honest. I’ve hosted several of them over the years though and LOVE the feeling of getting rid of things from my house. The money is almost secondary.

    Kudos to you and Amy for tidying things up. What a great way to help make money for the movers’ “fees”.

  3. I’ve had a few garage sales but none recently. Although we are planning to hold a MAJOR one this year. The best tips I can give is make sure everything is cleaned and working first. Put everything into categories – clothes & shoes in one area, housewares another, etc. Don’t just dump everything into a pile. Have clothes hung up. Things on tables. Etc.

    Good luck with your garage sale!

  4. I’ve never had one, but will stop at one if they don’t look “junky”…. lol! Good luck!! I hope you reach your goal!! 🙂

  5. There was a time when I had garage sales almost annually. I haven’t had one for a few years now.

    Like you, I love to go to garage sales. I’ll usually go with some intention though. I hate clutter, so I don’t collect stuff just because it’s a good deal or because I might use it some day.

    I find, the more organized I am the better. I like to price stuff ahead of time. A friend of mine used to tell me that you should never do that. She and I have both had good luck (and good revenue) from garage sales, so I don’t know who’s system is better!

    Either way, hope you have good weather and good turnout.

    I’ll often see kids selling lemonade or coffee or baked goods/hot dogs to keep the revenues coming in too. Is that something you can rope your kids into? Pay them for their time ofcourse, and maybe any extra they raise can go toward something special for them? Just a thought!

  6. I also like the bake sale/drink idea. Even if it’s just a cooler with pops and you sell them for 50 cents, people would buy those on a hot day!

    I’m not big into garage sales mainly because I have no space for anything. My cousin was big into it when she was moving and it was fun to go along with her. Good luck!!

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