Now that’s a relief…

by Judi

I have had major stress over the last few months.  Most of our readers know that we bought a brand new house and we were to close on that house in October.  What I am not sure I mentioned was that our lease on our current residence was up June 30th and the new owners don’t want to renew because they want to move into it.

Our dilemma over the last few months was finding interim housing…we didn’t know if we’d be able to find something suitable, in our price range, that would rent to us for a 6 month lease.  I have had a few nights of insomnia worrying about where we were going to live in those 4 months between leaving and closing.

Well, that worry ended today.  The builders of our new home called Shane at work and asked him if an earlier closing date was acceptable.  Shane was over to the building site last week and talked to the crew.  The house is so far ahead of schedule that they will be completely finished construction on June 8th and we can officially close on the house on, get this, JUNE 24th!!

We are super stoked about this.  First, we don’t have to worry about interim housing and we don’t have to move twice.  Second, the kids get to finish their year at their current school and start fresh in September at their new school.  I cannot tell you what a complete relief this is for me and for us.

WOO HOO!!! We’re going to be home owners in TWO short months!!!


13 responses to “Now that’s a relief…

  1. Wow that is very exciting news! Getting to move to your new home early is a huge bonus, and all that you will save on not having to pay hookups for two homes…..priceless!!


  2. Great great news….someone is really looking out for you….and what a great relief for all of less stress to worry about…hang in there Judi and all of you and yours…..

  3. entered wrong email address…still happy for yu

  4. Wow. What lucky chance! That’s fabulous!!!
    And right during the summer too. Usually builders always delay, not move it up too.

  5. That is very good news! I’m very happy for all of you!

  6. Awesome news! So happy for all of you.

    Party and Amy and Judi’s! ;oD

  7. That’s wonderful news!! And only 2 months.. that’s super exciting!! 🙂

  8. Fantastic!! I am very excited for you!

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