Weekend plans…

How was everyone’s week?  Ours was ok…I haven’t been feeling well for a couple of days and stayed off work yesterday.  Feeling a bit better today.

We have a fairly busy weekend, but that’s nothing new.  Today, I went for my 3rd and final appointment with my YMCA mYfitness program and you can read about my results on my other blog The Quest For Skinny Pants.  Tonight we’re off to grocery shop…we still have to make up our menu for the week and a list.

Tomorrow is a big day…my baby brother is getting married!  It should be a really fun day.  I have to do a reading at the service and I get to dance with my gorgeous nephew/Godson at the reception.  Jim is dancing with his daughter, Jennifer is dancing with her son, so poor James would be left out, so they asked Auntie Judi…yay!  We couldn’t find babysitters for our 2 little girls, so they are coming with us and I can’t wait to dress them up in their beautiful little dresses that we picked up at Children’s Place for 50% off a few weeks ago.  I am looking forward to a fun party!

Sunday will be a day to work out at the Y and hopefully get some packing done for our move.  We’re starting to purge and organize for it.  It’s not supposed to be a nice weekend weather wise, so indoor activities it is!

Have a great weekend everyone


One response to “Weekend plans…

  1. hardly a baby brother if he’s the groom. 😉
    congrats to your family and the new sister-in-law you’ll be getting.

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