Menu Plan Monday ~ March 29, 2010

Good afternoon!  How was your weekend?  Ours was pretty miserable on the home front.  Four of the seven kids got a tummy bug and it put them out of commission for 3 days a piece.  So not fun for any of us.

Through all that we still managed to get out and shop for the Easter Bunny’s arrival on Sunday morning.  We spent $130 and got everything we needed for all 7 kids.  We love, love, love the dollar store!  We could have got away with less, but each kid really needed a new Easter Basket.  Instead of a traditional basket, everyone got a nice pail and shovel set (except for the 17-year-old, lol).  We filled it with lots of fun toys and filled plastic eggs to hide the candy.

Today brings us another Menu Plan Monday!!

Sunday ~ Roast Beef, roast potatoes, broccoli and yorkshire pudding (we were supposed to have this on Saturday, but pulled out a frozen pizza instead)

Monday ~ Battered Fish, French Fries and Coleslaw

Tuesday ~ Jerk Pork Roast, Noodles and Sauce, veggie

Wednesday ~ Taco Wraps

Thursday ~ Roast Chicken, Potatoes, Veggie

Friday ~ Ham, Scalloped Potatoes and Vegetables

Saturday ~ **Not sure yet…we’ll figure it out on Saturday as Sat is our usual shopping day.

Hope everyone is having a great start to their week!


3 responses to “Menu Plan Monday ~ March 29, 2010

  1. Hopefully your Dollar Stores are better than ours here in the States. I’m constantly seeing toys from our dollar stores on recall lists due to cheap, poorly made parts or containing hazardous, toxic materials such as lead. Not to mention that the few things I’ve bought from them tend to fall apart in next to no time and end up in the dumpster so it seems like a waste of money.

    Like you I try to go more practical at Easter, buying things that last well into spring/summer such as toys for the sandbox or outdoor play.

    As for the basket, I splurged and bought a nice one from Pottery Barn Kids years ago on clearance that I can reuse year after year.

    • Our dollar stores are no better, but we tend to stick with stuff like balls, skipping ropes, sidewalk chalk, books, etc. We know some of them will end up in the dumpster, but we’ve had the same problem with more expensive similar toys. We purchase other things from Zellers or Walmart as well, that will last a little longer. Next year, when we’re in the new house, we’re hoping to save up for the Easter Bunny to buy everyone a brand new bike.

  2. Hope you’re having a fabulous Easter weekend! 🙂 Your menu plans delicious! I still have to make mine! lol!

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