Favourite movies…

In yesterday’s post I talked about my guilty television pleasures.  Today I was wondering, what movies, when they come on television, do you always have to watch?  You’ve seen them 4, 5, and 6 times over, but you’re still drawn to them.  I mentioned one, Roadhouse.  Here are my others…

The Breakfast Club ~ If you were a teenager in the 80’s you’ve probably seen this movie 20 or 30 times.  I love it, I always watch it and I loved Judd Nelson’s character, John Bender.  Can you believe that Nelson was 25 years old when he made this movie?  He turns 51 this year.  I think pretty much any movie directed by John Hughes is a definite watcher for me…

St. Elmo’s Fire ~ I was completely and utterly in love with Rob Lowe as a teen (ok, so I still think he’s hot)…this movie has some of the best quotes, ever.  Not to mention a complete brat pack cast:   Rob Lowe, Ally Sheedy, Demi Moore, Emilio Estevez, Andrew McCarthy, Judd Nelson, and Mare Winningham.  The only bad part about this movie is Andie McDowell…she’s a terrible actress and I can’t stand her.

The Buddy Holly Story ~ I saw this at the Drive-In in 1978 when it came out.  I was 8 years old. I was supposed to fall asleep, because it was the second movie, but I was riveted.  To this day I will argue that Buddy Holly was WAY more talented than Elvis ever was and I completely agree with Don McLean…Feb 3, 1959 probably was “The Day the Music Died”.  Gary Busey was terrific as Buddy…he won a Golden Globe for his portrayal and was nominated for an Oscar and he sang everything himself.

Beaches ~ This one always makes me laugh, and cry.  It came out shortly after my mother passed away and it hit me hard.  Love the soundtrack, love Bette Midler…I think it’s one of her best movies.

The Shawshank Redemption ~ Perhaps my favourite movie, ever.  It was simply fantastic…Morgan Freeman, Tim Robbins.  I had read the Stephen King novella “Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption” as a teen and loved the adaptation of the book.  This is the movie that should have won the Oscar for Best Picture, and best actor Morgan Freeman, in 1995 (in my opinion), but a delightful little movie called ‘Forrest Gump’ came out in the same year.  I still say Shawshank was better than Forrest Gump (I loved F.G. too), but who the heck am I?  LOL.

The Wizard of Oz ~ Of course this one…always my favourite movie as a child and it’s still magical for me today.

So, what are your “must watch” movies?


8 responses to “Favourite movies…

  1. for sure Ferris Bueller’s day off, Wizard of Oz, Mamma Mia (on movie network only right now), coal miners daughter,-all I can think of atm

  2. The Goonies… The Notebook… and Saw I-VI ( all of them)… But I’ll say that Shawshank Redemption is probably my all time favorite. Are you going to do books next?

    • Ah, a kindred spirit!! Shawshank is incredible. Stephen King has quite an imagination and some of his books have made great movies (The Green Mile, Misery, Stand By Me – OH that’s another one!).

      I might just do books next, I will have to start thinking about that

  3. Fight Club. French Kiss. Starship Troopers. Maverick.

    I admit that Starship Troopers is a guilty pleasure. I hate admitting in person that I like it. So embarassing cause it’s SUCH a bad movie.

  4. The Shawshank Redemption definitely, Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightley version), Sense and Sensibility (Emma Thompson version), Clueless, any John Hughes movie and any of those 80’s movies that starred John Cusack (One Crazy Summer, Say Anthing, etc…)

  5. Love Actually – I once biked an extra hour in the gym because it was playing on the little tv hooked to my machine. Boy did I pay for that the next day…

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