Status Bar Update…

If you look to the left, you will see our status bars for our financial goals and bars for my fitness goals.  I am continuously updating them, but thought I would give a run down on how we’re doing.

Closing/Moving/Renovation Fund ~ We’re now more than half-way to our goal of $15,000.  Some of that came from our tax returns, but most has come from extra money.  Shane has been working a lot and has been away on business trips (which always means 12 hour days or more).  We budget a certain amount for our regular expenses and anything extra goes into the fund.  We have now completely paid off 4 credit cards.  So we are taking the amounts we used to pay (about $1000) and splitting them in half.  Half goes to another card and half into the fund.  Amy contributes $500 from her CCTB/UCCB (Canadian Child Tax Benefit/Universal Child Care Benefit) money and I contribute another $200.00 from mine.  It would have been $300, but Andrew recently turned six and the UCCB payment ends at the age of 6.  I should be getting that $100 back in July, as I didn’t earn as much this year and my CCTB will increase.  So that’s at least $1200 a month that is added to the fund, as well as any extra money we have.

Credit Card Closing ~ We are officially DONE!  We just have to officially close the accounts.  This was the condition of our mortgage and we’ve done it 7.5 months ahead of schedule.  I wish I could see the look on Ron’s (our mortgage guy) face when we send in that paperwork.  We also completely cleared another card.  Also, the interest on our RBC Visa was dropped by 5% recently due to the fact we’ve been good boys and girls and paid on time every month for 6 months.  Shane is going to call the PC MC and see about a reduction in that rate, too.  Of course, with the reduced interest rate, they also reduced the minimum payment…we’re going to continue to pay what we have always paid and dump $500 a month on the PC card. 

Appliances/Furniture ~ This is a fairly new fund that we started…it used to be our Front Loader washer dryer fund.  We decided that we’re just going to get the free washer/dryer set that comes with the house and not upgrade for now.  The money would be better suited to help with furnishing the new house.  We have more than enough to furnish the house now, but our stuff is old and tired, so we’d like to get a few new pieces.  We’re willing to wait though, so this fund will increase when we have ‘snowflakes’ leftover from our weekly jars.

Girls Weekend ~ Done this one too.  Amy and I go on our weekend in April, so we’re all set for this.  The cabin will be approximately $50 each, then that leaves us $200 for our share of food, gas to get there, and a little spending money.

TSFA account ~ I recently opened an account with ING Direct (my ORANGE KEY is 34694371S1 if anyone wants to open an account and get $25 free).  I set it up to put in $50 a paycheque…I will add extra throughout the year and I hope to get it up to $2000 by the end of December.

The other 2 bars are my Fitness/Weight loss goals:

Weight Loss ~ self explanatory…eventually I would like to lose 50 pounds total, I am at 5 pounds so far

Cardio Minutes ~ My goal is approximately 30 minutes a day…April’s goal will be 900 minutes.  I am currently at 430 for my March goal of 720 minutes (I started with only 24 days left in March) right on track for March 31st).

That’s where we stand as of today, March 21st.  Hope everyone is having a terrific weekend, despite the fact that the weather has turned cold.  At least we haven’t had any snow, save for 5 minutes of flakes yesterday.  Cross your fingers that this is the last cold spell.


6 responses to “Status Bar Update…

  1. You’re doing awesome! 🙂 I love it when my bars move over nicely! lol! I think using the washer & dryer you have for now is a wise choice… i’d probably do the same!

    I hope you’ll join my *Jiggly Bits* challenge, check tomorrow for my post! 🙂 I’m excited about it!

  2. Wow. That’s fabulous!

    I’m kinda sad to hear that you won’t be getting those awesome new washer & dryer sets… But it’s just as well. New house needs new furniture. You can always upgrade later.

    I’m so proud of you guys for finishing up your credit card debt. It’s quite a feat! Yay! And with plenty of time to spare before closing.

    • Pear, that’s what we figure…we’ll buy furniture first and then start saving up for the fancy schmancy laundry set. Thanks for your kind words about the credit card debt. Now to start chipping away at the rest (about $29,000).

  3. Hey Judi. I was just thinking, i have a great big Ikea book shelf… and its pink, so it doesn’t really fit in with the decor, would you like it for the girls room. I know space is an issue, so Vuk and i can just hold on to it until you move if you like. I just wanted to offer before we get rid of it. Its in pretty good condition, just a few nicks here and there.

    Love you, miss you, and think about you guys all the time XOXO

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