Positive news on the house front…

We got to go for a pre-dry wall inspection of the house yesterday!  It was great to see more progress.  There was a lot of positive news too.  Here’s the things that have been done:
  • fully insulated (including insulation right to the floor in the basement, which is new code…they used to only have to do it half way)
  • all cable, phone, and central vac has been roughed in.
  • the ‘real’ stairs are roughed in
  • the furnace is in
  • finished the facing of the house completely

The site supervisor also asked us if we’d be willing to close early!  They are so far ahead that there’s a possibility that we could move in JULY!  That would be absolutely perfect and would mean that we would not have to find interim housing and move twice.  So, my faithful readers, we need all the positive thoughts that you can muster.  It would be so perfect if we could move in July.  If that doesn’t happen, we have found a possible house to move into, for the interim.  It is very small, and we’d be living on top of each other, but it’s got a basement for storage and the landlord would probably be willing to give us a short lease.  So here’s hoping!

A few new pics!

All done in the front except for the garage door!

The Master Bedroom

Soaker tub in Master bath

Girls room...they have a window seat!


11 responses to “Positive news on the house front…

  1. Excellent progress! So I gather Shane doesn’t want Ted’s help to string extra wiring through the house? He had offered when you first bought… Now’s the absolute best time to do it. He’s helped two other friends do it while their houses were being built. I have photos of them walking on rafters, stringing wires. LOL Even tho most of your house is already up, it can still be done. Once the walls are up, it’s a heck of a lot of frustrations running those wires… we’ve gone through it here with our 28 year old house, we know!!!! LOL

    • OMG, I wasn’t aware of the offer! Amy says she thinks she did mention it to Shane, but they both forgot, or there wasn’t going to be an issue because we were upgrading to 200 amp service, or something like that.

  2. Never mind. LOL I took a better look at the photos, insulation is up with the plastic barrier already, doubt there’s much room for anything now. Probably not a biggie anyway. You probably don’t want to run any computer wires or speaker wires anywhere anyway. Wireless is the way to go. :O)

  3. It looks fantastic. Once that drywall goes up it is going to feel soooo much closer to the end of your wait.

  4. That looks fantastic! WOW! I still can’t believe how fast it’s going. I remember when the first picture was just bare wood. This is absolutely super!

    When’s the due date/move-in date again?

  5. I can’t believe it either, as most of my friends who have had houses built, have always had delay after delay. The closing date right now is October 6th…but cross your fingers it gets moved up.

  6. Woo hoo!! I will keep everything crossed that it gets completed early and you don’t have to move twice. Looking good!!

  7. Fingers are crossed for July. That would be so amazing, the house looks great!

    I’m jealous of the window seat in the girls room, and the bathtub!

  8. How exciting! The pictures look wonderful. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a july closing. I noticed you met your credit card closing goal – congratulations!

  9. Looking good!!!


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