Are your feet sandal worthy??

by Judi

I have to admit, after the winter, mine definitely are NOT right now.  When spring starts to show itself, the first thing I think about are sandals.  I cannot stand winter for the very fact that I have to wear socks and closed in shoes and boots.  I am most happy when I am barefoot, but when I have to wear shoes, I love, love, love sandals and flip flops!

Getting sandal-worthy means PEDICURE!  I love having my feet done and getting a pedi.  The weird thing is, I generally despise people touching my feet.  It seriously whigs me out.  For some reason though, I can handle the 30 minutes in the chair getting one done.  Perhaps it’s because they lull me into submission with those massage chairs of theirs.

Of course, it is a frivolous expense and we should probably use that money to pay for something we really need.  I don’t care though…it’s a necessity for me as I wear sandals all the time in the summer when I am not barefoot.  Nothing wrong with a frivolous expense, as long as you plan for it in your budget and Amy & I make sure there’s money in the budget for at least 3, sometimes 4, pedi’s during the spring/summer season.

I am dying for one now, and it’s in the budget, so Amy and I are hoping to get one done this weekend.  YAY!!

How about you?  Do you have anything that you spend money on, that you know you shouldn’t, but don’t care cause you budget for it?


7 responses to “Are your feet sandal worthy??

  1. I spend money on hair dye. I am just not ready to give into this gray hair yet. I can’t stand for it to come through and when it does I am off to the store to get two boxes to do the whole head. I also spend money on flip flops and not just one or two pair. I am guilty of finding a pair that I like and going back and buying 4-5 pairs of the same kind just so I can wear them all year long.

  2. Mine are totally not ready for public viewing. My heels get disgusting very easily. I usually get 2 pedicures: one in June and another in later August. I’d love to get more if I could but $ $ $ $ $ $ $

  3. My feet is DISGUSTING right now. I am DEFINITELY going to get a pedicure closer to the spring/summer.

    I usually only get a pedi/mani once or twice a year. What I DO get more often is eyebrow waxing/threading. It makes SUCH a difference and I can’t get it as good as in the salons. I can maintain but I can’t shape.

    To escape the cost though, I’ve been slowly learning to do French Manicures on myself.

  4. I cannot stand the buffing of the bottom of my feet. It’s seriously like torture to me. The rest of the pedicure I can handle. So, with that said, I bought one of those scalpel thingies they use to slough off dead skin (from shopper’s) and I do it myself in the shower. My feet have never looked so good!

    Budget? What budget? No, I know I shouldn’t spend so much on stamps…but it’s sorta my addiction.

  5. I splurge on manicures. It’s the ONLY thing I do on a regular basis for myself. In the three and a half years since I’ve had Andrew, I’ve never had him with a babysitter or gone out for a girls night. Manicures are my only ‘me time.’

    Besides, my hands are very visible at my job, meeting with people, and I don’t have time at home with a little guy to devote to doing them myself.


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