What doesn’t kill us…

…makes us stronger, or so they say.  It better be true of this dieting and exercising thing! 

I started this healthy eating thing on Monday, and the exercising thing on Sunday.  So far, I have exercised 3 out 4 days.  I have stayed in my calorie range for 3 days straight.  Yay me!  My biggest problem is staying motivated and accountable.  I think the issue is that I don’t see results as fast as I want.  I need to get over that.  The weight did not get there in a month, and it’s going to take quite a bit of time for it to come off.  Also, I am 40 and as we age it’s harder to shed the excess pounds that we put on.  I have to keep remembering that or I won’t be able to get down to my goal of losing 30 pounds by December 31st. 

In addition to the weight loss and exercising, I have seriously cut down on the amount of caffeine that I drink.  I would have at least 2 coffees a day, sometimes 3…then I would have a diet coke at lunch, and at least 2 more cans in the evening.  So I have limited myself to 1 coffee in the morning and 1 diet coke per day.  I am drinking about 10-8oz glasses of water a day now.  Amy and I were introduced to caffeine free diet root beer the other night by our friend Sonia and we love it!  So I have that at night with my snack instead of my usual diet coke.  I haven’t been sleeping well, so I am hoping that this change will help, along with the increased exercise.  I am proud of myself today, I haven’t even had a SINGLE diet coke and I don’t plan on having one tonight.

So, as I said, my biggest problem is motivation!  I would love to hear how you stay motivated.  It doesn’t have to be weight loss related either…it could be staying motivated for anything.  Drop me a comment below!


9 responses to “What doesn’t kill us…

  1. Oh motivation is a huge thing for me. It’s sooo hard especially when I pass by the cookies. They are just soo tempting! I guess having a goal in mind, or having an event coming up that you want to look good for. For me, it’s my BF’s formal coming up early April where I will need to wear a dress. I wish healthy food was more convenient and tasty 🙂 However, it does make me feel better and more confident when I do exercise and eat better.

    Good job with the diet cokes! Keep it up!

  2. Acutally, I usually say what doesn’t kill me… Probably doesn’t taste very good or is a salad. 😉

    I try to keep motivated by the progress I’m doing. If I’ve lost one pound then I often try to find the motivation in that. I also make a list of WHY I want to lose weight. It can be as silly as wanting to sit in airplane seats without feeling self-conscious to as serious as doing it for your children and grandchildren – so that they’ll be able to grow up with you in their lives.

  3. You’re off to a great start! Weight loss is definitely not an easy thing, unfortunately. Keep at it and you’ll see results soon, which will help with the motivation. Best of luck!

  4. I lost 50lbs last year soknow where you’re coming from… But just knowing that every little sacrifice & drop of sweat is SO worth it!! I love being slim & feeling so healthy and strong… it was worth every lifestyle change I made! Keep at it, you’ll be glad you did!!! 🙂

  5. Actually, it was Linda who gave you the diet rootbeer at the oscar’s party, but me that encouraged you to drink it! LOL Glad you found an alternative to diet coke.

    Way to go on the exercise and getting healthy front. Hmm..what motivates me more then anything is seeing a change in my body. Not losing weight and seeing numbers decreasing on the scale. Seeing that clothes fit differently on me and that I don’t need to try so hard to “suck in the gut” is a big motivator.

    Hey, have you tried Jillian Michaels The 30 Day Shred? It only takes 20 minutes and if you use 2-3 lb weights, it helps get rid of the jiggly arms a lot quicker. It is 20 minutes of sweating buckets, but honestly, it isn’t too bad. You workout as hard as you want (follow the girl who does the easier moves, or the one with the harder moves) and you see results really quickly. It’s great for all types of fitness levels. I’ve lost 15 lbs so far doing this DVD and an additional 10 with diet. I saw it at Costco (heartland) for $19.99 (a 3 DVD set), which is darn good considering I bought it for $14.99 for the 1 DVD on amazon.

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