This, that, and the other thing…

Well, I survived my 40th birthday and had a fantastic day!  First, Amy and I went to an all day crop and completed about 16 or 17 scrapbook pages.  When we got home, my kitchen was decorated with a birthday banner, created by 5 of the kids.  There were other decorations.  Shane made a cake and the kids decorated it.  It was quite a production!  White layer cake with chocolate icing…with a heart-shaped cake on the top, decorated with purple icing and a big 40 in the middle, made with M&M’s.  There were sprinkles galore and Cadbury Mini Eggs all over it.  It was terrific!  Very, very, very sweet.  Then they bought me a Snuggie (I am always cold) and an Olympic Team Canada Hockey Jersey!!  I love it.  We had dinner ordered in.  This weekend Shane, Amy, and I are off to Wild Wing for a grown up birthday celebration.  They have the most amazing wings and deep fried dill pickles…yum.

I also started a Tax Free Savings account this past weekend.  I opened it with ING Direct.  They have a fantastic referral service too!  If you use another  client’s Orange Key and open an account with a minimum of $100 with ING Direct, they get $25 and you get $25 dollars!!  I used one of my favourite personal finance bloggers (Girl Makes Sense) Orange Key and sure enough, I got $25 in a regular savings account.  So if anyone is interested, my ORANGE KEY is 34694371S1.  Just remember you have to start the account with at least $100.  It’s a great way to save!  I set up my account with an automatic savings plan and it will automatically take $50 from my regular bank account every 2 weeks.  I will also add to that with any extra money that might come in.  The interest rate on their TFSA right now is at 3%, which isn’t too bad.   Shane’s going to start one this coming weekend as well.

I started a new program at the YMCA this past weekend too.  I stepped on the scales on Sunday and I was a whopping 210.5 pounds…OMG.  I NEED to do something about it.  My goal is to lose 30 pounds by December 31st.  I know my doctor is going to rip into me at my physical on March 26th, so I have to do something.  Plus, I just don’t feel good.  So, the program is called mYfitness and you get  3 meetings with their personal trainers and they set up a fitness plan for you.  The first meeting is just an orientation with the facilities and the machines.  The next meeting is an individual meeting where they take all your measurements and find out your body fat and they help you set up a program based on your goals.  The third appointment comes about a month after to see how you’re doing and to tweak your program a bit.  It’s free with membership (we’ve been members since Septemeber) and it’s about time I took advantage of it.  I just have to be motivated to get off my butt and get moving.  I also rejoined Spark People…which is a free, on-line fitness/diet site.  It’s really great…you can track your fitness and your nutrition intake and it helps you stay on track.  It will even give you a diet plan.  I love it.  It’s worked in the past, so I am trying again and we’ll see where it takes me.

Oh, and here’s our menu for the week:

Sunday ~ Spaghetti with meat sauce

Monday ~ Salmon, Rice, and Veggies

Tuesday ~ Jerk Pork Roast, Roasted Potatoes, and Veggies

Wednesday ~ Pita Pockets and Broccoli Salad

Thursday ~ Salsa Couscous Chicken

Friday ~ Quiche and Salad

Saturday ~ Pizza for the kids and Wild Wing for the grups!

That’s all for now…hope everyone is having a great week!


5 responses to “This, that, and the other thing…

  1. You definitely accomplished a lot this week! Thanks for the ING shoutout 🙂 I hope that the YMCA goes well for you, good luck with your December goal. I’m thinking that you might surpass your goal!

  2. Good luck on your diet goal. I’m aiming 50 pounds by the end of the year. *gulp*

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