What is that white stuff falling from the sky? MPM – February 22, 2010

Could it be snow?  We haven’t had much snow here in Southern Ontario this winter.  In fact,  I think we’ve only sent the boys out to shovel once this winter.  It started earlier this afternoon and we’ve got about 2 inches of the cold, nasty stuff now.  We’re looking at anywhere from 2 to 6 inches before its over.  It looks pretty right now, but I know tomorrow morning I am going to hate the commute.

Thanks to all who commented on yesterday’s blog post.  We are definitely going to pay off as much as we can and then split the payments…half to another debt and half to the house fund.  We are so looking forward to closing those 3 cards…especially the MBNA M/C.   MBNA decided to up our interest rate from 23.99% to a whopping 27.99%!   We called to ask why and got the spiel about the economy being bad and that they were doing this to all their customers.  Shane spoke to a few people, but they would not budge an inch.  So, they can stick their card up their noses, we don’t want it anymore.  Which reminds me…I have to get Shane to call the other 3 cards and see if they’ll do something about their interest rates.  It’s worth a shot!

It’s Menu Plan Monday again…time to check out all the great menu’s at I’m An Organizing Junkie

Menu for the week of Feb 22nd:

Sunday ~ Sausage and Pepper Pasta, Garlic Bread

Monday ~ Chicken Burgers and Coleslaw

Tuesday ~ Beef and Bean Burritos and Salad

Wednesday ~ Roast Chicken, Stuffing, Potatoes, and Veggies

Thursday ~ Hashbrown Casserole

Friday ~ Meatloaf, Rice, Corn, and Salad

I wanted to share pictures of Meri’s first birthday celebrations too:

Here’s the beautiful cake that Amy decorated:

Her very own “smash cake”

With Mama and her cake:

Hope everyone has a great week!!


5 responses to “What is that white stuff falling from the sky? MPM – February 22, 2010

  1. Judi or Amy
    Do you ladies shop every week or once a month or every two weeks. We are still trying hard to get a grip on our budget. We have it down to $565.27 for 5 people but I know we can do better.

    Also Love Meri’s cake it’s beautiful.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS!!

    AND CONGRATS on the great returns and I do agree paying off debt is way more important. We just did that with our return and it was nice to see some of the things that stressed us out disappear from our monthly budget.

    • We shop every week…we don’t have enough storage space for food here, so it’s pretty much out of necessity. Honestly, Laurie, I think you’re doing very well considering the dietary restrictions I know your littlest has. I wouldn’t knock yourself too hard.
      Isn’t great to pay down debt? I love the feeling of it…it’s a rush!


  2. Nice birthday cake!
    Wow! That interest rate is scary. There’s many of us paying down our debt. That’s the good thing about the change in our economy. Pay down the debt and save more.
    I love MPM! I get lots of inspiration from the various participants. It definitely helps us from getting bored.
    You have a yummy meal plan.

  3. nice cake. 🙂 she seems astounded by the size.

    although I must ask… what happened to her clothes? o__o?

    • Ha ha…we had spaghetti for dinner. I don’t know if you’ve ever eaten around a 1 year old, but they are messy! So we took off her shirt because it was a mess, despite having a bib on. And yes, she didn’t know what to make of the cake…she reached out and tried to touch the candle and burned her finger, so she started bawling about 30 seconds after that picture, lol!

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