My name is Judi, and I am an Olympics Addict

The first step is to admit it…I have a problem… 

I think I am driving Amy and Shane nuts… 

They are always laughing at me lately… 

All over my complete and utter obsession with the Winter Olympics. 

I am counting the sleeps until Friday…I am like a kid at Christmas.  I am simply giddy!  I have warned everyone that it’s going to be on the television 24/7. 

I enjoy both Summer and Winter Olympic games, but I have to admit, I think the Winter ones are far more exciting.  Bobsleigh, Luge, Skeleton, Freestyle Skiing, Downhill, Figure Skating, Snowboarding, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  It’s all good.  

I have to mention too, the Hockey!!  GO TEAM CANADA!!! 


We’re going scrapbooking on Friday night…I am hoping that my friend will indulge me and let me watch the opening ceremonies while we scrap. 

I even love the mascots…they’re sooooo cute: 


And I think the choice of Flag Bearer was perfect and you can read about her here 

Clara Hughes...only Canadian to win medals at both the Summer and Winter Games

To my fellow readers…will you be watching?  If so, what’s your favourite event?  Who will you be cheering for?


11 responses to “My name is Judi, and I am an Olympics Addict

  1. You should be hosting the scrapbooking.. why on earth would you leave the opening ceremony to chance?

  2. I’m as bad as you are, but maybe worse because nothing is going to get in the way of me watching the opening Friday, I’m even missing the Flyers game for it! I have my jersey and mittens and I can’t wait for everything. I also prefer winter games to summer, hockey, figure skating, speed skating, skiing, on and on. Curling! And having it at home is going to be awesome, I just love Vancouver and wish I could be there instead of here for 2 weeks but tv will have to be enough.

  3. Hi, I’m Lynne and I’m an Olympic Addict.
    hee hee
    My favorite events are giant slalom, luge, speed skating and bobsledding. 😉

  4. I’m not big on the olympics but there are certain events I am very into though… hockey and figure skating for the winter. for summer, i only watch the diving.

  5. I love the Olympics too… I’ll watch whatever event is on really, skiing is my fave, and I have no idea how curling works… lol!!

  6. I watch everything! But, I won’t miss the speed skating, moguls or giant slalom – they’re all so exciting!

  7. Winter is definitely better. I think you should scrapbook a page of you watching and cheering for the olympics?? I’m so excited, common first gold for Canada on Canadian soil!!

  8. I’ll watch too, but I admit I prefer the summer events usually… there are not even any NB athletes this time around, so I’ll probably be rooting for the big Canadian medal hopefuls.

    Hope you get to watch tonight while scrapping!

  9. We’re watching! We watched from Ottawa and now back here at home, too! Love cheering for all of the athletes – no matter which country they’re from (but obviously with a special fondness for the U.S. and Canadian teams!)


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