Happy Birthday Dear Andrew…

Our middle child, Andrew, was born on this day in 2004. As a parent, these years always seem to go by in the blink of an eye. I still remember the day he was born so vividly. I was due on Valentine’s Day, but I was hoping that I would go earlier. Those last few weeks of pregnancy were so uncomfortable for me, and I just wanted to meet my boy! We had his name all picked out…Andrew David Frederick; David being his paternal grandfather’s name and Frederick, my father’s middle name. I so wanted to name him Frederick David…but my ex nixed that idea. I didn’t want David as his first name either, so we solved the issue by naming him Andrew. He’s definitely an Andrew…not an “Andy” and not a “Drew”, and don’t even try to call him either of those names, unless you want an earful!

In the wee morning hours of February 4th, I woke up on the couch, which is where I was most comfortable, and got up to run to the bathroom. I heard a pop and felt a gush, my water broke! I called the hospital who advised me to try to get a few hours sleep and come in around 7am. If my contractions started, I should call earlier. I lay down for a while and the contractions started soon after…we called our friend to come watch Allen, and we went to the hospital. At 7:50 am, our, 8 lb, ½ oz boy was born:  red, wrinkly and lots of dark, dark hair.  He was beautiful…of course he still is…

I have written about Andrew, here and here. Most of our regular readers know that Andrew was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was around 20 months old. He is so much more than his autism, and we refuse to let it define who he is.  It’s part of him, yes, but it’s not all of him.  He is a typical 6-year-old boy.  He hates going to bed at night.  He loves Pokémon and Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog.  Andrew enjoys watching television and reading books. He loves his siblings and he fights with them constantly. Andrew is super smart and has an infectious laugh.

 He popped his head up from the top bunk this morning, as he always does when someone goes past his room, and declared “It’s my birthday today, Mum”. I immediately said “No way!” He said “Yes way, Mum. I am SIX today! Did you finish making my cake? Can I see it?” He proceeded to natter on, as he always does. This is the boy who the psychologist figured would never speak. Ha, ha, ha…if only he could see him now…the child rarely STOPS talking. His incessant rambling sometimes makes me wonder why we taught him to speak in the first place.  I am just kidding…I cherish every single word. 

Tonight, we’ll have a birthday dinner and he’ll get to open up all his presents. He’s so excited about turning six. I love watching the joy on his face when he’s truly happy. Happy Birthday to you Andrew…we love you, so very much.


4 responses to “Happy Birthday Dear Andrew…

  1. Oh he is a little prince!! 🙂 Happy birthday to Andrew! I hope he’s having a fabulous day!!!


  2. What a cutie!! I hope he had a fabulous day!

  3. awwh. Hope he had a great 6th birthday. 🙂

  4. Aww..I’ve got tears in my eyes after reading this post!

    Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Andrew! Hope this is your best Year EVER!

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