We met Gail today!

Gail Vaz-Oxlade

We made the trip out to Ajax Costco to meet Gail Vaz-Oxlade and have our copy of her new book, Debt Free Forever , signed.  It was really great to meet her, she chatted with people while she signed their books and you could tell that she was genuinely interested in what every person had to say.   The camera really doesn’t do her justice…she’s really a beautiful looking woman.  You’ll never guess how much of a dolt I was though…I brought our camera but forgot to bring the darn memory card, so we didn’t get a picture of us all with her. 

When we went up to talk to her we gushed a bit, told her how wonderful it was to meet her, and Amy told her that she ‘saved our lives’.  I told her that we use her jar system…Gail asked how it was working for us, and we told her it was the best thing ever.  Then we told her that we’d dropped our consumer debt from $50,000 to $34,000 in less than a year.  She told us it was impressive and that takes dedication!  We thanked her again and went on our merry little way.

So we walked around a bit and saw some ‘wish list’ stuff that we wanted, picked up a few things and then Amy said to me “You know, we didn’t tell her that we have 7 kids and we live on variable expenses of $355 a week.  I am going to go tell her!”  So off we trotted back to her and queued up to chat again.

When Amy got there again, she told Gail what she said to me.  Gail’s jaw literally dropped and she asked “How do you do that?”.  We explained how Amy looks after the kids and Shane and I work and that’s how we make it work with 2 incomes AND a stay at home parent.  I piped up and said “and Amy just had to come back and tell you because she thought you should know.”  Gail said, “um yeah, I’d be bragging my ass off to everyone!”  Then she asked us please go and post our story on her blog under “Success Stories”, because as a community we need to share these things with each other so that people don’t think it’s impossible.  

So, here I am, bragging our ass off to everyone!  Actually, I will start bragging when we get the rest of this debt paid off.  We’re on track to be finished mid to late 2011.  I will write our success story as it stands right now and if it gets published on Gail’s Blog, I will let you know.

If you haven’t watched her show, and you have debt issues, I strongly urge you to watch Til Debt Do Us Part and to pick up her new book.  It’s a deal at Costco, they’re selling it for $12.99.


6 responses to “We met Gail today!

  1. oh How exciting to have met her!! She rarely gets out to praireland here LOL

    What a fantastic day for you. Can’t wait to see your success story on there!

  2. So exciting! I would love to meet her. Even though we’re still making mistakes, we stick to the jar system we learned from her, which truly has saved our lives too!
    Next time you’re chatting with her, tell her Heather says hi! 😉

  3. It would have been pretty amazing to actually meet Gail! I’m looking forward to reading your success story on her blog!

  4. That is absolutely amazing! Congratulations on the strides you’ve made thus far to debt free. I can’t wait to read your story in the Success section of her blog. She truly is a genuinely caring person!

    I’m so glad you got to meet her – she just radiates energy!!

    Best of luck on the steps you are taking towards your Debt Free date! I can’t wait to read about your success and your journey!

    (Happy Birthday Amy!)

  5. That’s freakin amazing! I hope she will be able to come up north (York region) in a few weeks. I was too excited to wait for the book to get picked up at Costco that I ran out to Chapters the day it was released and bought it for $20 — a whopping $8 more. Ugh. Ah well… live and learn!

    Looking forward to reading your success story on her blog.

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