Happy Birthday Amy

by Judi

Today is Amy’s 30-something-th birthday and I wanted to take the time to tell you a little bit about this wonderful lady whom I affectionately call my “wife”. 

A few posts ago, Amy told you about how we all came to live with each other.  What she didn’t say was that without her love and support over the last 5 years or so, I think I would have died.  Amy was the only person in my life that stood up and said “something’s not right here”…she was the first person who had the guts to be completely honest with me and although she never came out and told me to leave, she made darn sure that I started to open my own eyes as to what was happening.  Amy was the catalyst for me to start standing up for myself and she helped me gain the strength to walk away from a situation that surely might have killed me had I stayed.  She always says I had it in me all along, but I truly believe that I could not have done it without her to help show me the way.

Amy is one of the strongest, smartest, and most compassionate women I know.  She is fiercely protective of her children, her family, and her friends.   She gives her love freely and completely.   Amy doesn’t mince words, she tells it like it is, and if you don’t like it, she doesn’t care.  She stands behind her beliefs and doesn’t back down.  She loves jellybeans and chocolate.  Her favourite author is Mercedes Lackey and when she’s not working, she usually has her nose in a book…she’s a voracious reader.  She has an amazing, quirky sense of humour.  Amy dislikes surprises and doesn’t enjoy being the centre of attention.  She will hate that I wrote this blog post about her.  Well too bad, chickie!

This woman is my sons ‘other mother’.  They care for and respect her,  just as they do me, and sometimes I think more so.  They come to her for kisses and hugs, encouragement, and love.  Amy is a fierce advocate for my kids and will do anything for them; she loves them as her own.  She blows me away with all that she can do in a day…mothering 7 children, running a household, making sure everyone is cared for as they should be. Amy is an incredible wife, mother, and friend.

Amy, you are my very best friend, my soul mate, we’re kindred spirits and I love you very much, girl.  Thank you for all you do for me every day…I love sharing my life with you and Shane and your family.  Thank you for opening your home and your heart to me and my boys. 

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, my dear.


4 responses to “Happy Birthday Amy

  1. Awww…you made me cry! The love and friendship that you two have is incredible.
    Happy Birthday Amy! 🙂

  2. awwh. Happy Birthday! Have a good one. 🙂

  3. I think that is the most wonder way to portray her! It brought a smile to my face and tear to my eye. Happy Birthday, Amy! 🙂

  4. Judi—–your expression of your admiration, love, and friendship is so well said here, that you made me actually ‘feel’ the emotions. I have never met Amy, but I do hope to one day, somewhere…sometime….all of us have a lot to learn from all of you in your blended family. Amy, I do hope your birthday was a special one —as special as you are. Take centre stage for a day, feel the emotions around you, and don’t stop being who you are. Judi, you are indeed very blessed to have such a wonderful family!!!

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