Bucket List…

by Judi

Thinking about goals for the year 2010 also got me thinking about things I want to accomplish before I leave this earth.  Of course, when I think of this, I think of the Morgan Freeman/Jack Nicholson movie “The Bucket List” (I heart Morgan Freeman).  If you haven’t seen it and have a couple of hours, watch it…it’s funny and touching.  The 2 main characters meet in a cancer ward and set out together with a list of things to do before they ‘kick the bucket’.  I have a Bucket List of sorts, in my head, so I thought I would take the time to write them out here.  I don’t think that I will be able to accomplish all of them, but I would like to hope I can accomplish most of them.  Some are should be very simple to accomplish, others might prove to be a little more difficult.  It’s certainly not complete…I imagine I will add to them as I go along.

  1. Watch my children become competent, compassionate, and successful adults
  2. Make peace with my past and get rid of the demons
  3. Skate on the Rideau Canal in our nation’s capital
  4. Visit Prince Edward Island
  5. See the Rocky Mountains  – CHECK – went to Banff with Amy a few years back (see pictures at bottom)
  6. See a Broadway Musical
  7. Take a tour of Europe and see the Eiffel Tower
  8. See Disneyworld through the eyes of a child (hopefully my own kids, if not, my grandchildren)
  9. See an Opera…I have never been to an opera
  10. Watch an Olympic event LIVE IN PERSON
  11. Go on an Alaskan cruise
  12. Go to England and spend some time in the towns and cities that my ancestors are from (St. Albans, Norwich, etc.)
  13. Put my hands over Judy Garland’s handprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood (weird, but I am a huge fan, lol)
  14. Take a cake decorating class, or two.
  15. See a National Ballet of Canada production of ‘The Nutcracker’ at Christmastime
  16. See the Grand Canyon
  17. Go to the Daytona 500
  18. Attend Canada Day celebrations at Parliament Hill in Ottawa

So, to my readers and fellow bloggers, what’s on YOUR Bucket List??

Here’s Amy and I in Banff, Alberta, August 2008:


7 responses to “Bucket List…

  1. great list-I should do me one of them!

  2. great list.

    although, I noticed almost all of them are travelling ones. do you have any other non-travel/sightsee things you’d like to do out of curiousity?

    • Good question! The list will be constantly evolving, I think. I was trying to think of more non-travel things this afternoon when I re-read the post and saw that it was heavy weighted that way.

      I would love to learn to cook more gourmet type meals (cooking for a family of 10 on a tight budget can get kind of boring even though we are creative). I want to spend more time with my family but, who doesn’t? I would love to learn how to restore old furniture and learn to sew. These are a few more things off the top of my head.

  3. I have a list too, I started it when I was about 18 or so. There are things ranging from “Watch Casablanca” to travelling, to owning a house with a pool. Everytime I come across the list (by accident, since I can never remember where it is), I usually cross off at least one item.
    I think a bucket list is something that everybody should have.

    PS…I’d like to see the Rockies too, although I did once already, when I was a baby.

  4. Great list!

    Lee & I used to always talk about #4! Maybe the four of us (including you and Amy) could go together! The ultimate girls’ trip!

    Tom & I are going to Winterlude next month…hopefully this time I’ll get up the nerve to actually try to skate!

  5. A wonderful list so far! I need to sit down and actually write everything out I think. I have a master list of things I’d like to accomplish in the next little while – mostly life goals (finish degree, obtain professional distinction in field, marry, buy a house and have 2 kids) things like that.

    I think I’ll spend a little time this weekend making out my list. Are there any books you’d like to read? David Copperfield, The Great Gatsby, Catcher on the Rye, 20,000 Leagues Below the Sea, or autobiographies about people admire? Perhaps you have a great tourist attraction in town – maybe traveling to see similar attractions in other more local places could be a nice addition? For example, my C likes Castles – we’ve been the Casa Loma in Toronto, Dundurn “Castle” in Hamilton, will be going to Castle Kilbride this year. (all are one hour from our current city).

    I think you should add this to your side bars and as you cross off and add you could continue to track your way through your list.

  6. Great List!! I have some of those on mine. I am planning on seeing a lot of things this summer, while I truck it up with the hubby 🙂

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