We went to see the progress on our new house the other day…thought we would share a few pictures of the construction.

Our lot #

View of the 6 units in our row:

From the front (we didn’t go around back this time).

Shane inside the front doors.  One of the things we liked about the end unit, besides only having 1 neighbour attached, was the double door entry.  You will walk into the front…there’s a half wall and you’ll look into the living room dining room combo.  Then there’s a washroom (on the left) separating the dining room from the family room.

Shane took the liberty of going up to the second floor.  Here he is from the window of what will be Andrew and Aaron’s room:

And again from the other front room…this room will have a bay window and window seat in it

That’s about all for now…we’re going to go back in about a month and see what else has been done.  They are framing the roof right now and I suspect that’s what they’ll be doing for the other 5 houses in the next few weeks.  It’s amazing how fast these houses go up.


One response to “Progress!!

  1. Wow! It’s going to be beautiful!

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