Christmas at our house…aka Flu-fest 2009

I mentioned yesterday that we had a holiday filled with the joyous sounds of kids throwing up…yes, we were visited by the stomach flu this year.  Oh joy, oh bliss!  Thankfully everyone felt well enough for presents on Christmas morning.  Here’s our Christmas morning in pictures: 

Stockings before we let the kids at them…as you can see, Santa filled them all chock full of goodies 

The stockings were, well, placed on the couch

 Our tree before the carnage: 

Our tree, with all the pressies piled up...there's a ton under the table the tree is sitting on

Charley-girl, hamming it up for the camera in her new tuque 


Allen opens up a gift: 


Our Meri-saur…her very first Christmas and she LOVED it!  Tons of boxes and wrapping paper to eat… 


Andrew shows off one of his presents: A Mr. Potato Head “Chef” outfit 

Aaron shows us some goodies from his stocking…something new to drive Mum crazy in the car…YAY Santa! 


Austan shows off his hat…just in time for the Olympics…GO CANADA! 


Evan opens up the Wii Game that Great Nan gave the boys:  Sonic and Mario at the Winter Olympic Games 


Shane got a DS game of Hanna-Barbera’s Wacky Races…does anyone remember that cartoon? 


Me, Judi, with our girls… 


And lastly, Amy, hope she doesn’t mind the picture I picked of her opening her goodies from Santa 


So, despite the stomach flu, we had a very lovely Christmas morning.  We had wonderful company for brunch and a fairly quiet evening.  Most of us are on the mend and we’ll be more than ready to ring in the New Year on Thursday night. 

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas Day!


3 responses to “Christmas at our house…aka Flu-fest 2009

  1. so sorry to hear you all were sick over the holidays. That is no fun at all. From the pictures, it looks like you all had a fantastic Christms together.

  2. Yeah, being sick over the holidays is never fun. On the bright side, an upset stomach would help me keep from eating everything in sight – hmmm, maybe I’ll try to get sick next year myself – j/k.

    Anyway, just stumbled on your blog and thought your lifestyle was a neat idea. It’d be fun if you told us, your readers, a bit about how you met and why you made such an uncommon choice (frugality, compatibility, religion?). I’m sure that in a lot of ways your problems aren’t unusual, but I’d think that the third adult dynamic must sometimes make things interesting.

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