Our House has walls!

by Judi

We had such a terrific day today here at our house.  My boys went to their dad’s house for the weekend and usually that means we get a whole lotta stuff done.

First thing this morning, Shane and I went to pick up a day bed from a co-worker.  This year I helped organize our Adopt-A-Family initiative at work and one of the things on their wish list was a single bed.  We thought that we were going to have to tie the mattresses the roof of our mini-van, but it slid right in and fit perfectly.  With that pick up, we got everything on the family’s wish list!  I wish I could be there to see their faces when they get it.  It’s so nice to help a family who may not get a Christmas.

After that Amy and I went and dropped off some Scout Popcorn to my friend in Brampton.  We still needed to go Christmas shopping so we stopped in at the mall and finished up.  Yes, the girls who wanted to be done BEFORE December, are still going.   The main reason that we aren’t finished is because we were delegated by Amy’s mum to go and get presents for everyone in the family.   It was so much fun…we had a nice sum to spend and it was very nice just to go and buy what we wanted for the kids and not worry too much about the cost and saving money.  I didn’t even mind the crazy mall shoppers all that much! 

The best part of the trip to Brampton was our little jaunt over to the building site for our house.  We wanted to see if they had started digging the basement.  To our surprise, not only was it dug, the foundation was up and we had walls on the first floor!!  WOO HOO!  No pictures, we didn’t bring the camera because we didn’t realize they were that far into construction.

We came home, dropped some stuff off and went off to the Home Depot to find something for Shane.  We had no luck there and then proceeded to go to Canadian Tire.  Do you know that they still shut their doors at 7 pm, even during the Christmas season?  Ugh…now we have to go out in the morning to get the last gifts for our 9 year olds from Nan and Gumpum.

Finally, we’re home, and we are just about to sit down to a Prime Rib Roast, Salad and Escargots.  Tomorrow is a busy day of more shopping, baking, and a birthday party for Andrew to attend (isn’t that cool?  Andrew got invited to a birthday party…many a time, autistic kids are just not included, but he has one special friend who just loves him!)

Have a great night everyone!


2 responses to “Our House has walls!

  1. I had the opportunity this weekend to hand out gifts for families in need this weekend and I cried when a kid threw himself at santa because santa handed him a simple scooter. Thats so nice you were able to help a family in need like that. Have a happy holiday. 🙂


  2. So exciting about the new house coming along! Can’t wait to see some pictures as it’s completed.

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