OMG, look at our debt ticker…

by Judi

Excited, so excited…for 2 reasons mainly.

First reason…look at our “Credit Card Closing” ticker on the sidebar…we have officially paid off 47.1% of the 3 credit cards that we need to close!!  Can we get a WOO HOO??  We need to pay them completely and close them as a condition of our mortgage approval.  One is completely paid off…there’s $900 left on the second and the third has about $3300.  We are making larger than minimum payments on both (around $400 on each, give or take).  We also put a lump sum down on one of them.   We should have them completely paid off by the time our income tax returns come in.  For several reasons, I generally get a very decent return from Revenue Canada every year and we will be able to pay off the remainder of those  cards AND put the money away for our annual trip to Allen’s Landing .   Our plan after those cards are paid and closed, is to tackle the other 3 cards and the line of credit (which is  no longer a line of credit…the company decided that it was discontinuing that particular L of C and converted it to a loan…bright side, once it’s paid off, it’s not there to run up anymore).   Since we will have $800 a month from not paying those 2 cards, we’re going to put $400 in our basement fund and use the other $400 to tackle one of the bigger credit cards, with the highest interest rate.    By our calculations, we are going to be debt free, besides the house of course, before the end of 2011 (I am thinking mid 2011).   I tell you, every time we pay more on our debt, the better I feel.  And if we can do it, anyone really can…it takes commitment and discipline and a little creativity on saving money.

The second reason I am excited??  Our tree is up!  We think it’s Merisaur proof too.  We trimmed it on Monday night and it looks pretty cute.  I have totally gotten over my “we’re not getting a real tree this year because of our 9 month old menace” disappointment.  My favourite part is the berry star that came from Amy’s decorations.  I think it gives the tree a very country feel.  I also love our gingerbread family ornament that we picked up a few weeks ago.

I will leave you with a couple of images…

Daddy helps Charlotte put the finishing touch on the tree

Our cute little tree...up high so as to be safe from the "Merisaur"


9 responses to “OMG, look at our debt ticker…

  1. Congratulations!!!! That is amazing – you should all be very proud!

  2. Wow…great job! Keep it up!

  3. Oh what a beautiful tree! And Charlotte is just PRECIOUS! =D

    Congrats on the debt going down – SO EXCITING!

  4. good job on the credit card debt. and your tree is beautiful as well as your little girl. 🙂

    • Thank you! I love watching the debt go down and our net worth going up, lol. The tree is little, but it works this year with a 10 month old running around (and yes, we mean running…she’s been walking for about a month!).

  5. Congrats on the debt repayment! That’s fantastic!

    And love the tree! I don’t which is cuter – the tree or little Charlotte!

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