Into the city…

for a little bit of Christmas shopping today.  Well, not exactly downtown, but still Toronto.  Call me weird, but it always thrills me a little to drive towards the city and see the CN Tower. 

 I do love Toronto, even though I don’t get down there as much as I want to.  I can never decide, when I do get to retire, if I want a home up in Muskoka, or live in a condo in the city.  What I am sure about, is that I don’t really want to live in the burbs for the rest of my life.

Anyway, we went to the One Of A Kind Show and Sale down at the Ex.  Amy and I have been going every year together since we met back in 2004.  We don’t buy a whole heck of a lot, but we love looking at all the things we want to buy when we’re rich and famous.  We saw a few things today that we want for the new house, so maybe we’ll start saving up for some of those for next years show.  We do know that we want to purchase at least one new piece of art. 

We were able to sock away $100 for what we wanted to purchase at the show and maybe a few other things that we saw and weren’t too expensive.  As usual we went to Daria Done Ems and Vincent Van Designs to get our family ornament for the year.  Our family one was purchased from Daria Done Ems:

Our Family Ornament

We purchased two more special ornaments this year.  One for our Daisy and one for our Matilda, both of whom we lost this year to cancers.  The one for Matilda was purchased at Daria Done Ems and Daisy’s was one from Vincent Van Designs.  No one makes calico kitty ornaments though, so we got a black one for Matilda.

We also found a great chalkboard for writing our weekly menus on (the kids love to know in advance).  Delmar Woodcraft specializes in custom reproduction furniture.  We saw quite a few pieces that we just love and have vowed to save up to buy a piece or two in a few years.

Chalkboard from Delmar Woodcraft

We got a few goodies for some Christmas socks and another gift for my step-daughter Melissa as  well.  We spent all $100 plus a $5 bill I had in my wallet.  Not too bad at all.  I was a little ticked though, I had to put the parking on my credit card!!  The machines only took change or credit cards.  So, when I make my payment this month, I will add the parking on top of the payment, lol.

We’re almost done our shopping for the kids…we won’t get to finish before the end of the month, which was our goal, but we’ve come pretty close…we think by the end of next weekend if we’re lucky.

Tonight, we’re off with our girlfriends for our annual Christmas dinner.  This year we’ve booked a room at Swiss Chalet (who knew they had rooms?) instead of having the potluck.  We decided it would be nice for none of us to have to stress about getting our homes “visitor ready”, lol.


6 responses to “Into the city…

  1. Judi,
    I, too, attended the Craft Show—the talent of people never fails to fascinate me. There are so many beautiful and varied things to see!! I only dream for a wallet or credit limit large enough to grab all those goodies I want.
    However, like you, I made some rather modest purchases and will continue to dream of the windfall!!!

  2. For some reason, it never occurred to me that you were Canadian, much less in Ontario. I’m actually *sort of* close to Toronto too. The one of a kind show sounds really cool, I should try to check it out next year.

  3. The show sounds like something I would love! I miss Toronto! (don’t tell, Lee!)

    The ornaments are so cute! Is the family one all attached or can they be separated?

  4. Those are very cute. I like the Gingerbread family!

    PS I think cottage in Muskoka is the place to retire 😉

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