Menu Plan Mondays…a day late

by Judi

Ok, a day late but here it is…our weekly menu plan and our cost for those meals! 

Day Meal Cost
Sunday Spaghetti and Meatballs $9.58 
Monday Mustard Chicken, potatoes, veggies $9.29
Tuesday Creamy mushroom pork, rice and veggies *** $7.93
Wednesday Quick Quiche $8.65
Thursday Lasagna, Caesar salad and garlic bread    $5.02*
Friday Oktoberfest Sausage Soup and Biscuits $11.65
Saturday Dinner out with the girls     TBD **

Total cost for meals eaten at home: $52.12

* We made a huge lasagna last week and were able to freeze half of it.  So we’re having this on Thursday and the cost is only the Caesar and garlic bread

** Saturday night is our annual Mom’s group Christmas dinner and gift exchange.  We aren’t sure how much this will be as we’re not sure Shane will be home in time to be there for Austan, Charlotte, and Meri.  If he is, Shane will most likely whip up something from leftovers for them and Amy and I will have Swiss Chalet!  If not, the 3 kidlets will come with.

***I got this recipe from Crockpot Wednesdays… check out the link for the recipe and check out the rest of the blog  The Coupon “High”


2 responses to “Menu Plan Mondays…a day late

  1. Cream of mushroom soup, eh? No comment. ;o)

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