Mid November update

posted by Judi

Ok, so we’re a little bit past mid-November, but I thought I would check in and catch up with those goals that I posted at the beginning of the month.  I am only going to write about mine, hopefully Amy will write about hers at the end of the month.  We may be attached at the hip for the most part, but I am trying not to speak for her, lol.

A little reminder of my goals:


  • Increase basement fund by $75.00
  • Put $100 towards the car repairs I need – new struts for the car
  • Finish Christmas shopping entirely
  • put in 5 hours per week of overtime

So far, I have managed to save $70 towards the $75 goal for the basement fund.  We are taking our leftover jar money and splitting it between our annual trip to the One of a Kind Show and Sale in Toronto and the basement fund.  This goal should be reached.

I have been working my overtime…the first two weeks I put in 8.5 hours and this week, including today, I will have put in another 11.5.  I won’t be working any next week, so in 4 weeks I have put in 20 hours, which when you average it, hits my target of 5 hours per week.  The only financial goal that I haven’t hit so far and won’t hit until December 3rd, is the $100 savings towards my car repair.  Once the overtime comes in on my Dec 3rd, I will have that $100.  So a few days late, but I earned the money in November, so maybe I can count it as a goal reached?

We are mostly done our Christmas shopping.  We still have Evan to do, but we’re hoping that next weekend we can finish his.  We still have to buy for each other and with all this overtime and business trips, not sure if we’ll make our November 30th goal. 


  • Lose 8 pounds by November 30th (which is a respectable 2 pounds per week)
  • get at least 8 pages done in our scrapbooks

I have had a much harder time on my personal goals.  When I am busy, as I have been over the last few weeks  with overtime and Shane being away on business, I tend to eat less healthy and more fattening meals.  It didn’t help that my little brother’s Stag and Doe was last weekend and I ate a bit too much yummy food and drank more than I usually do.  I lost 2.5 pounds the first week of the month, but there I stay.  Finding the time to exercise is hard too…but I have had 2 friends offer to work out with me, so we just have to sort out times.  I am going to work out at the Y on Thursdays while the boys are in swimming lessons.  I must also make use of the elliptical machine I have sitting here in my living room as well.  I think I smell a personal goal for December!

I thought the scrapbooking goal was attainable, but I am afraid it probably won’t be.  I was supposed to go, with Amy, for a daylong crop tomorrow.  Unfortunately,  Shane is working, so someone has to be home with the kids.  We were going to forego the crop altogether, but I decided that Amy was going and I was staying home with the kids.  Amy, rarely gets out of the house without at least one child in tow.  I never, ever, get to stay home…seems like I am always running errands or chauffeuring children.  So this works out well and I can give Amy something she rarely gets, a day all to herself!  Maybe we’ll sit down together next weekend and do a few pages.

Do you set goals for yourself every month?  What are they?  Are you attaining them?  We’d love to hear from you.


2 responses to “Mid November update

  1. You’re so lucky to be eligible for over-time! I’m salary and Tom’s employer doesn’t pay OT regardless of how much he works.

    I’ve only just started to shop for Christmas. We mainly only buy for Andrew. We get each of the pets a little something, and Tom and I exchange a gift or so (he usually spoils me even though we agree to a spending limit beforehand!)

    I used to outline goals for myself, but really for the most part now, I’m so busy working full-time with a long commute and taking care of Andrew, the pets and the house that I have very little free-time for myself. It’s so bad that even my boss noted that I need to focus more on myself! Maybe that’s something I can work on in 2010!

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