Menu Plan Monday

written by: Judi


Today is the first time I have decided to participate in I’m an Organizing Junkie’s weekly ‘Menu Plan Mondays”.   Laura has a great following of people participating in this, so I am excited to share her blog with you all.

Here’s our weekly menu with our cost:

Day Meal Cost
Sunday Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and Rolls $9.03
Monday Muffin Tin Meatloaf, Mushroom Rice and Veggies $9.89
Tuesday Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew $8.73
Wednesday Lasagna, Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread $15.87
Thursday Slow Cooker BBQ Beef Roast, Potatoes, French Style Green Beans $8.00
Friday Jerk Pork Roast, Noodles and Sauce, Veggies $7.25
Saturday Pork Souvlaki, Rice and Greek Salad $9.98

Total for dinners this week:  $68.75.  That’s a little less than $1 per person per meal, which is our goal.  One meal is expensive and that’s the lasagna that I am making on Wednesday.  I make a big lasagna and we are going to be able to freeze half of it for another meal next week.  So we’re going to have a cheap night next week when we have those leftoevers!

We shopped at a different grocery store this week.  Instead of our usual Food Basics, we checked out Real Canadian Superstore.  They had a coupon this week:  Spend $250 in the store and get a $34 box of chicken breasts for free.  We budget $250 a week for groceries in our jars.  We never spend the whole $250 at one shot due to the fact that we always try to leave $50 in the jar for milk and other things we need during the week (we have 7 kids, one of them is a 17 year old who loves his milk, so we go through a whole 4 litre bag in one day).  Since RCS has a great clothing section, and we still needed to get Christmas PJ’s, shoes for Allen and Andrew, and a small gift for our newest cousin, Mac, we figured we could take $100 from our Christmas budget to go towards the $250 we needed for the chicken.   We ended up spending $180 on food and $79 on the clothing.

Besides getting the chicken (which was well worth shopping there…13 HUGE breasts which we separated into 4 different meals), we got a deal on Pork Loin roast.  These roasts were about $6.50 each and we could cut them in two.  We purchased 2 of them and we now have pork for 4 meals.   We are going to be eating lots of chicken and pork, lol!  Good thing the kids love both.


6 responses to “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Kudos on sticking to your budget! I could never be that organized, and I only have 1 child!

  2. Welcome to MPM! So glad you’ve joined us 🙂


  3. Hello.
    The Chicken and Sweet Potato stew sound wonderful.

  4. Welcome to MPM. You will find lots of great ideas here. I’m always amazed at some of them. Your menu sounds flavorful. Thanks for sharing it. I host a weekly blog event called Crock Pot Wednesday and would love for you to join me in that. Mister Linky is up and ready for a favorite slow cooker recipe. Come check it out.

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