Snips, and Snails, and Puppy Dogs Tails

It’s been a bit of a subdued weekend at our house.  Judi’s boys  were visiting their Dad, and the fact is  we’re all a little emotionally fragile right now. We’ve spent a lot of it paying our dog Daisy some special attention. The prednisone isn’t helping her as much as we’d hoped. She’s pretty lethargic,  she’s losing her appetite, she’s coughing and her breathing is still laboured. We think she’s having some pain now as well. She’s happiest 2am I was up with our Meri-Saur, and while I was feeding her I just left the sliders open so Daisy-doo could come and go as she pleased. But she didn’t come back in and she didn’t come back I got up to see and she was laying down on the cold patio stones a few feet from the door.  I’ll be calling the vet first thing tomorrow morning..we can’t bear for her to suffer when there isn’t any hope she’ll get better. We love her too much for that.

Yesterday afternoon Shane and I and Austan took Daisy for a walk along the river. I took some pictures, and got Shane to take a few as well. Actually I’ve been snapping away ever since we got the diagnosis, knowing her time left would be short. Here are a few of my favourites…

October and Daisy 2009 101

October and Daisy 2009 113

October and Daisy 2009 080October and Daisy 2009 127

October and Daisy 2009 084

I’ll be honest..I hate winter. And all the beautiful colours in the pictures just remind me that all too soon the branches will be bare and we’ll have a foot of snow on the ground. But Daisy..winter is her favourite season by far. To me, that was the best part..watching her roll and frolic and bite at the snow, dig herself tunnels through the soft drifts, run and leap and bound through what I think is the nastiest part of living in Canada. Pretty, yes..even beautiful or spectacular at times..but nasty! Now..I can’t help but think that what little joy got me through it will be gone. Oh yes..the kids love it too, at least some of the time..but they certainly don’t have that fierce joy and boundless enthusiasm for winter that my dog does. I am going to miss that..probably more than I can imagine right now.

My husband says that having a dog adds a dimension to a family that is hard to describe. For those of you that have one, you’ll know what he means.  I’m not looking forward to discovering what living without one again is like.


3 responses to “Snips, and Snails, and Puppy Dogs Tails

  1. I still have the last pictures of Gypsy on the card in the digital camera as well as on my laptop. I just can’t bear to delete them off the camera yet.

  2. Daisy wanting to go outside and laydown is straight out of Marley and Me (Film Version) I know when I am not comfortable I like to go to a cold place and laydown…. Terrible thing your family is going through… Spend as much time with Dasiy as you can…. We have two dogs, both under 2 years old and I can’t imagine the day we have to go through this, but I know it will come… Get another dog as soon as you can.. Won’t replace daisy but it will replace that “missing dimension” Stay strong – JL

  3. What a lovely tribute to s family member who has given you all so much. It is the hardest decision you will ever have to make, and you are making it for all the right reasons. It is so wonderful that we have this option for our beloved pets. When I had to say goodbye to my dog, I shaved some fur, and took her collar, a favorite photo of her and put it in a shadow box. That photo still stands today and I think very fondly of her every time I look at it.
    May all the memories you have with Daisy help you all through this difficult time.

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