Whew, back on track

We came in under budget for our groceries this week!!  YAY!!  We spent $213.67 at 2 different stores.  Yesterday, I went to No Frills to stock up on a few deals.  They had their 1/2 price sale on, so I couldn’t not go and check it out.  Here are some of the deals we got:

  • Blue Water Fish Fillets $2.13 for a box of 6
  • Ground chicken $2.45 for over a pound
  • Ricotta Cheese $1.99
  • Dr. Oetkers Frozen Pizzas $2.72
  • Brand name Rice Krispies and Raisin Bran $2.39
  • Primo Pasta Sauce $0.63

I spent  $52.07 and I ended up getting enough meat to feed the family for 5 or 6 meals.  We found out that the 2lb ground beef tubes that we usually buy were a dollar cheaper.  Today, we went to Food Basics and spent another $161.61  on the rest of the groceries for the week.  We got a few deals on poultry and ground pork that we won’t even be using this week.

Here’s this weeks menu:





Crockpot Lasagna, Garlic Bread



Chunky Tomato Potato Soup, Biscuits



Turkey Pot Pie (that we didn’t have last week), Salad



Fish Fillets, Roasted Potatoes, Coleslaw



Squash and Spinach Quick Quiche, Salad



Pork Chops with Mushroom Gravy, Rice and Veggies



Taco Wraps (meal not purchased, but approx $15)


Total for dinners for the week: $65.71 or approximately $0.87 per person.   One of the above meals might change…we are planning on possibly going to get a few more of those Dr. Oetker pizza’s and have a pizza dinner night in honour of Daisy-doo.

This week will be a difficult one emotionally for us.  We told the children last evening that Daisy had cancer and that we were going to have to say goodbye soon.  Andrew and Aaron, being 5 and 4 respectively, really aren’t sure what that means.  Allen knew what was happening before Amy could finish her sentence and was just inconsolable.  Allen doesn’t deal with death very well (who does really?) and he wanted to stop talking about it almost immediately.  Poor, poor, Austan, he’s completely devastated.  He, perhaps more than any of the rest of the family, is the most attached to Daisy.  She’s been his puppy since shortly after he turned 4 years old.  Amy, Shane and Austan are just about to take Daisy for a long walk, take some pictures and spend some quality time.  I am hoping that Amy will share some of those pictures here when she’s able.  Daisy is a beautiful girl and we are going to miss her terribly.


3 responses to “Whew, back on track

  1. Sending hugs and good thoughts to you all during this difficult week.

  2. Thinking of you all, I am still trying to figure out what to cook this week myself. I do once a month shopping( other then milk and bread) though. I seem to do better budget wise that way then weekly.

  3. I am fascinated by people’s goals, lists and keeping track like this. You are doing amazing!

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