Sometimes, life just sucks

We have a beautiful, Black Lab/Shepherd cross doggie named “Daisy”.  I have never really been a dog person, but I have grown to really love this dog since we moved in with Amy, Shane and the gang.  Yes, I have complained about her…yes, I have called her “dumb dog” and admonished her for getting under my feet while I am cooking in the kitchen…yes, I find it funny that she sleeps beside me many a night because I am not a dog lover at all.  But, I love this dog, despite what others might think.

She’s been sick for a couple of weeks.  We started noticing that she was panting, A LOT.  Then in the last couple of days she’s had a fever and generally not her normal rambunctious self.  So Shane took her to the vet yesterday.   Her lymph nodes were very swollen and she was having trouble breathing…temp was about 104.   He said it could be

a) a bacterial infection

b) a viral infection (less likely)

c) lymphoma (even less likely still)

They ran tests and we got the news back on her bloodwork today.  No sign of infection, either bacterial or viral.  Not good news because that means that it is probably lymphoma.  We still have to wait for the tests that they did on the lymph nodes to find out for sure.

We are devastated…we are just not able to afford the treatment if it is lymphoma.  It’s very expensive and it’s very time consuming.  She is already worse today than yesterday.  The vet has called in a script for prednisone to help with her breathing and swelling and it is supposed to make her feel better too.

So we’re praying that the vet is wrong and that they will figure out that it’s not lymphoma and something very treatable.   This would be the our second pet in the last 4 months that has got cancer.  We said goodbye to my calico kitty Matilda in August.

Keep good thoughts for Daisy and good thoughts for Amy (Daisy is Amy’s puppy) and good thoughts for the kids too (Austan is going to take this hard).  Heck, just think good thoughts for all involved.  Thanks.

***update:  As of 4:30 today, the results are in…it’s definitely lymphoma…we’re all distraught…poor, poor, Daisy


5 responses to “Sometimes, life just sucks

  1. Sorry to hear this, thinking of you all, poor Daisy.

  2. I am so sorry about Daisy. It’s so hard to see a pet go through that, especially when it’s so unexpected.

    I went to No Frills tonight. I am addicted! Got 4 cans of the pasta sauce and am hoping to make lasagna tomorrow for the first tiime.

  3. Judi and Amy,

    I’m so so sorry to hear this. That does suck. Poor Daisy and your family that loves her. It’s never easy to face that but especially not in a younger dog.

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