Time to fess up!!

We have a confession to make…we went OVER budget for our grocery shopping this week.  We spent $251.97 at the grocery store on Friday.  The big problem?  Our jar for groceries only comes to $250.00 for the week.  YIKES.  Thankfully, Shane was away and worked overtime, and we had money leftover from last weeks jars too, so we will be able to buy our daily 4 litre bag of milk and be okay until next week.

When we go over budget like this, we usually try and sit down and figure out why.  This week the big culprit was the 3 of us going grocery shopping together.  We have decided that this is a no-no.  I don’t know why, but Amy and I can go together and stick to the list…Shane and Amy can go and stick to the list.  All 3 of us for some reason feed off each other and start suggesting good things to eat and to buy.

Another reason is that we’ve decided to start buying more expensive laundry detergent.  Our clothing allowance isn’t the biggest, and we figure spending more on better detergent will help our clothes last longer.  We spent about $12.00 more on laundry detergent (holy crap Tide products are expensive!!).  We bought a large tub of shortening for baking instead of the small box.  We were out of recycling bags that we didn’t budget for and we bought some extra chicken breasts that were on sale.  All things that will be used, but we just didn’t budget for.  We will endeavour to do better next week!!

Another surprising thing:  Our dinners this week are really cheap, only $69.14 for the whole week.  Here’s the menu:




Sunday, October 18

Egg Foo Yung, Easy Pork Lo Mein, Stir-fry broccoli and garlic


Monday, October 19

Baked Chicken, Noodles and Sauce, Frozen Mixed vegetables (leftover chicken used for Friday’s meal)


Tuesday, October 20

Pasta E Fagoli Soup and Biscuits


Wednesday, October 21

Turkey Pot Pie (using the leftover turkey and gravy we froze from Thanksgiving)


Thursday, October 22

Hashbrown Dinner


Friday, October 23

Vegetable Chicken Chowder



Saturday, October 24

Appetizer Dinner – we occaisionally make a bunch of appetizers for our dinner when Judi’s boys go to their dad’s house.  It’s cheaper than going out for appetizers a restaurant


As always, if you see anything on here that you want a recipe for, just leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the recipe page.


2 responses to “Time to fess up!!

  1. After years of using Tide I found out by accident that I like Purex every bit as much if not better. And it’s much cheaper. You may want to give it a try.

    • Actually we decided on the Purex and then bought the Tide Stain remover to see how that works. We spent more time in that aisle trying to decide on the laundry detergent than we did shopping for the rest of the groceries. Let you know how we like the Purex.

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